Alfa Romeo's F1 driver Kimi Räikkönen published three images in his Instagram stories that seem to make the glowing hedonistic lifestyle and the scintillating World Championship six-time world champion Lewis Hamilton.

The first picture that Räikkönen shared is a meme that has been circulating online.

The image is titled “The Evolution of the F1 Driver”.

In the second part of the meme, shirtless James Hunt, the 1976 F1 World Champion, has a drink and tobacco in his hand on the deck of a yacht.

In the second picture, Hamilton is on the back of a kickboard dressed in a warm hat and long, dress-like shirt, sunglasses, pink socks, and white basketball shoes.

The hat and shirt are the same pattern.

In another picture shared by Räikkönen, a Finn himself has a cigarette in his hand when he is younger.

- No worries.

All hope is not gone yet, Räikkönen has written in connection with the picture.

Räikkönen's publications shared opinions on Twitter.

Many considered the pictures funny and Räikkö “legendary”.

But there was also negative feedback.

- Kimi Räikkönen never gets to Lewis Hamilton's level, so he can only make fun of his sense of style, one of your tweets.

James Hunt (left) drove Formula One in the 1970s.

He won 10 races and liked tobacco.Photo: Sutton Motorsports

- Kimi Raikkonen is a real boomer.

In 2020, he thinks a professional athlete should smoke and be drunk in public.

Maybe that’s why you’re in trouble with the World Cup wigs, champion, another criticizes.

Hunt died of a heart attack in 1993 when he was 45 years old.

The British legend is one of Räikkönen's own favorite drivers.

Räikkönen honored Hunt's memory with a special helmet, for example, in the 2012 season.