The woman who worked at the cash register in Lintuvaara, Espoo, had to fear for her life when she was the target of a robbery.

The woman was in the store alone and the evening shift was coming to an end.

The woman was bent down at the checkout and she dropped the lottery tickets.

The woman heard the door ring, but did not see who came to the store.

Suddenly, the woman felt how another person came next to her one-size-fits-all cash register.

The young man had a face mask made of a vegetable bag.

Her eyes were “stinging,” the woman said in court.

The man was quite small in size, only about 160 inches tall.

The man had a blade gun in his hand, and he insisted on opening the store with a cash register.

However, the woman could not get the drawer open, even though it was already familiar to her.

To effect the threat, the young man struck a knife at the cashier's belt.

The salesman felt the situation was threatening and he thought he was “next”.

Eventually, however, the woman got the box open, and the young man took five and ten euro banknotes worth about a hundred euros.

The young man left the scene and the woman alerted for help.

The court held that the act was a gross robbery that occurred in October 2017.

The author was 17 years old at the time of the events.

- He has not interrupted the act when (the seller) has not been able to open the cash register, but has aggressively struck the cash register with a knife.

The threat to (the seller) has thus been serious and immediate, even though the knife has not been directly pointed at the plaintiff, the Länsi-Uusimaa District Court reasoned, among other things.

The young man had to do business with the authorities again in September 2018.

He sprayed pepper gas on the face of the older constable in Espoo.

In addition, the man was found a few grams of cannabis, in addition to which he had sold a few grams of other drugs.

In these respects, he was guilty of a drug offense, violent resistance and assault by an official.

In November of the same year, the man was guilty of committing a drug offense and resisting an official in Espoo.

The man rumbled against the police when he was arrested.

A small amount of marijuana was found in the man.

Back in June last year, the man was convicted of drug use offense, drunk driving and driving a vehicle without the right to.

The man used narcotic drugs and drove a car in Espoo, even though he did not have a valid driver's license.

The Länsi-Uusimaa District Court sentenced the man to two years' probation for all his crimes.

The court held that the aggravated robbery was so serious that an absolute custodial sentence would have come into play.

However, the man committed the crime as a minor, which resulted in a conditional sentence.

As an effect, he was sentenced to a year and three months of supervision.

The man has to pay 500 euros in pain and suffering compensation to the police who received the pepper gas.

He also has to reimburse, for example, the amount of money he robbed of the trade.

The judgment handed down by the Länsi-Uusimaa District Court at the beginning of the month is not final, as the man and the prosecutor have expressed dissatisfaction with the judgment.

The man is now 20 years old.