Raptor Mikael Gabriel is accused of drunk driving.

It is confirmed to Ilta-Sanomat from the Helsinki District Court that the suspected act took place on 3 June.

Seiska first talked about it.

In addition, Mikael Gabriel is charged with a drug use offense.

The suspected crime took place on 1-3.

June 2020.

The case is currently pending in the Helsinki District Court.

The charges were brought last month.

The date of a possible main processing is not yet known.

Mikael Gabriel is known as a successful rapper.

He has been seen in the 5th production season of the Life Only series in 2016.

Mikael Gabriel, 30, has previously been convicted of drug offenses, drunk driving and drug use offenses.

In March 2018, the rapper was sentenced to 30 daily fines, which became payable in the amount of 1,860 euros.

In addition, he was ordered to pay the state a crime victim fee of 80 euros and to reimburse the costs of substance abuse research 105 euros.

The judgment of the Helsinki District Court remained final, as the judgment was not appealed by the deadline.

Mikael Gabriel was found in possession of 21 grams of marijuana when he was stopped by traffic police in late November 2017.

He had driven a car under the influence of cannabis.

At that time, the musician spent the night in the tube and went straight from there to the main performer at the children's independence party hosted by the Mayor of Helsinki, Jan Vapaavuori.

Mikael Gabriel talked about his drug cart in his Facebook update and apologized for his actions.

Mikael Gabriel has long been one of Finland's most popular rappers.

In June, however, he announced at the Aki Linnanahde Talk Show that he felt he had played through the rap genre and plans to invest in singing in the future.

Mikael Gabriel is also about to become a father soon, as he and his spouse Triana announced on Instagram in the summer that they are expecting a family addition.