Apple unveiled version 14 of its iOS operating system at a press conference yesterday.

However, iPhone users may not want to download it immediately.

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Danske Bank says on Twitter that its Danske ID authentication application will not work on the new version of the operating system.

In other words, the new operating system has nothing to do with Danske's mobile banking or government services that require bank authentication.

According to, the first to report, the reason is probably that Apple informed the application developers about the release of the final version of the operating system only with one day's notice.

Usually the notice is given a week in advance.

Downloaded today, iOS 14 includes, among other things, home menu widgets, as well as a revamped desktop view that lets you organize your apps in groups.

In addition, the call view has been changed to condensed, so that more is shown on the screen during the call.

FaceTime calls can be viewed in a small floating image if desired.

IOS 14 also improves the user's ability to protect themselves from spying on their actions, which has annoyed Facebook in particular.

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Some of the innovations, on the other hand, have been adopted with laughter on social media, as the grouping of applications was already seen on deceased Windows phones years ago.

Gadgets, on the other hand, have been in use on Android for a long time.

IOS 14 is available for the iPhone 6s and later Apple phones.

When a new version of the operating system comes out, it’s a good rule of thumb to wait at least a few days before upgrading to get rid of the worst pediatrics and compatibility issues.

This applies to both mobile devices and computers.