According to the forecast, the strong autumn storm Aila will strike the first and fiercest rage on the coast of Ostrobothnia the night before Thursday.

There, the Ostrobothnian Rescue Department is responsible for combating the damage, and its area of ​​responsibility extends from Kristiinankaupunki to Pedersöre.

The approximately 200-kilometer strip of coastline includes low openings and a seaside where the wind has room to blow and show its power.

- If you own a boat, it would be good to be the first to check the boat's mooring and empty the boat of water, says firefighter Aatu Isotalo from the Ostrobothnian Rescue Department in Vaasa.

- In the backyard, now is the time to tie everything loose and put the doors of the buildings well closed, for example.

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Due to their light weight and large surface area, trampolines standing in the yard of many families with children are favorable catches for storm winds.

- Trampolines can travel with the wind and cause damage.

It is good to unpack them or at least tie them up.

The trees will surely fall by the thousands, for the trees are still in the leaf and then the wind will grip them with force.

- If possible, cars and other movables should be moved away from trees.

Heavy rains soften the soil and then, for example, surface-rooted spruces easily fall.

Contrary to popular belief, quite a number of pines have a surface root instead of a deep-reaching pile root, and a pine can also produce a nasty surprise when it falls.

Power outages are likely to occur.

If there is an immediate need for electricity, many have already purchased an internal combustion engine driven unit and fuel for it.

- Everyone should have a flashlight and batteries.

Prolonged power outages can defrost the refrigerator or freezer.

If you do not want to keep the freezer running on the unit, its coldness can be secured by freezing cold cups or, for example, freezing water in empty plastic bottles.

- The refrigerator stays cool for hours if its door is not opened unnecessarily.

At its worst, storm tears tore off the roof dampers.

The rescue service often attaches tarpaulins to prevent rainwater from causing its destruction.

The Far Wise procured tarpaulins in advance in case of possible roof damage.

At the Ostrobothnian Rescue Department's only 24-hour manned fire station, the manning of the command center has been confirmed in case of storm missions.

The other 39 fire stations in the area act as contract fire brigades.

The Finnish Meteorological Institute, together with representatives of rescue services, has also prepared operating instructions for the storm.

According to the instructions, travel should be postponed, as storms can knock down trees on roads or make it difficult to steer the car.

If motoring is necessary, warm outdoor clothing, food and drink should be reserved.

Movement on the water should be avoided.

Mobile phones should be pre-charged.

The instructions also advise you to turn off any electrical equipment that is accessible.

During a storm, the guidelines advise moving indoors to a sturdy building, away from the vicinity of windows.

Tent roofs, light structures or outbuildings are not safe.

Also, no attempt should be made to repair any property damage during a storm.

The use of lifts should be avoided in the event of a power failure.

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