The A-juniors of the Oulu Flies got a rather meritorious training club for their morning ice on Tuesday.

Kärpät added to his Twitter account a collage of NHL stars curving at Raksila Shrine, Sebastian Aho, Pekka Rintee and Jani Hakanpää.

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The fly-backed trio was apparently maintaining a skating feel after the NHL season that remained a torso.

Aho and Slope’s seasons ended in August with the NHL playoffs bubble, and Hakanpää, who represented the Anaheim Ducks last season, hasn’t gotten into real action since early March.

However, the most surprising, and happiest based on the pictures, morning names were the Flying Club legend Lasse Kukkonen, who ended his impressive career last spring.

Kukkonen assured that he would not bury a quick return to the domestic troughs despite his pulsating morning ice visit.

- I haven't been to the ice an awful many times in the summer - just a couple of times.

Yes, it is a very good form of fitness.

Kukkonen claimed that the experience was not helpful on Tuesday, but the NHL stars took a longer stalk from the fox that saw everything this time.

- That's what happened, but the most comforting thing is that I haven't kept up with these guys for many years.

It was still a lot of fun.

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Lasse Kukkonen in the summer water of his summer cottage on Lake Valkeisjärvi in ​​Oulu in June. Photo: ANTTI J. LEINONEN

Admittedly, the 38-year-old defender would not even have time for a daily practice drum, as he will have a new career as an expert in Telia's Finnish Championship league broadcasts.

- Very nice, new world for me and with good feelings I am waiting for me to get to work.

There is work to be done, because that old basic data does not go terribly far, although I do have a good starting point.

In the worst case, coronary infections found in league clubs in recent weeks can delay the start of the season.

The uncertain situation has made it difficult for Kukkonen to prepare for the new conquest.

- Now we just have to wait to get a little closer to the beginning of the season and see how the teams build in their final form.