The next heat record for 2020 has been broken: this Budget Day will go down in the books as the last tropical day of the year since the KNMI started the measurements in 1901.

Never before has it been so hot this late in the year, the institute tells

At 2:20 pm, 30.2 degrees was measured in De Bilt.

The meteorological institute had already expected that the record would be broken on Tuesday.

It is exceptional that tropical temperatures still occur in the third week of September.

This has only happened five times since the measurements began in 1901.

That last happened in 2016.

The previous record was also set in that year.

Then on September 14, a temperature of 31.4 degrees was measured in the Limburg village of Arcen.

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The record for the hottest Prinsjesdag has also been broken

The third Tuesday of September 2020 will also go down in the books as the hottest Budget Day ever.

The previous record dates from the 1961 edition. On September 19 of that year a temperature of 28.7 degrees was measured.

Tuesday's high temperatures are the result of a warm wind from the south, bright sun and a lack of clouds.

It is also extra warm because the soil is still very dry from the warm summer.