Kimmo Aho, chief shop steward at Neste's Naantali refinery, says one word.

- Shock morning.

- It was a shock when I heard it at a meeting in the morning.

Aho himself sat face to face with the refinery management, even though some of the meeting participants were remote because of the corona.

- In today's meetings, not many people's feelings can be felt when the handsets are gone, who is anywhere, Aho says.

And don’t go into the mood of the meeting in more detail.

- We have a team of 350 people here, male-winning, but there are also some women.

The age groups have retired and more should be received if the activity continues, but this does not look good, Aho thinks.

- I can't say about middle age, yes even the younger people have come to do their careers at Neste.

Aho does not believe that replacement jobs can be easily found in the vicinity.

- This is their own special expertise, and there are no such refineries, Aho reminds.

Neste's second refinery is in Porvoo.

- You don't give up until all the stones and stumps have been turned, and you may have to go pretty deep and still not find the light.

- It is necessary to try and believe that another solution can be found, Aho says.

There can be no question of a complete surprise.

- If for many months the planes are lying more on the ground than in the sky, then yes, it came from someone that there must be some effect.

- But not now that the entire refinery will be closed, Aho adds.

- Although everyone has been afraid of it for decades.

It has been such an unrealized fear.

Now fear entered the refinery.

And it is no longer fear, but a threat.

Aho hopes for the best, even if faith is hard.

- Our refinery is a small workshop, but the team spirit is good and we see that we still have a lot to give Neste.

The background of Aho's speech is a special sound that is repeated regularly.

However, it does not originate from the refinery machinery.

- Well, kind of oil is pumped in it too, diesel, Aho says.

- My car runs when the phone doesn't work otherwise at all.

Neste's Naantali refinery began operations in 1957 and was the first in Finland.