Neste's plans to close the Naantali refinery were received with astonishment in a city of 20,000 inhabitants in Finland.

The refinery, which started operating in 1957, has been a part of the lives of the people of Naantali for decades.

All the locals talked about by Ilta-Sanomat know how to name someone who is working or has sometimes worked at Neste.

- I was a little boy when it opened.

I never thought I would hear that, Pirjo Lundén says.

Pirjo Lundén is only a little older than the refinery. Photo: Vesa-Matti Väärä

Turkka Hurme, who has lived in Naantali for decades, is also amazed.

- The news evokes nasty thoughts.

It wonders if nothing is more certain in the world, he says.

Turkka Hurme, who has lived in Naantali for a long time, wonders whether there will soon be more than old people and moomins in the city. Photo: Vesa-Matti Väärä

Although in small towns things were circulating quickly, no one could have foreseen the announcement of Neste in advance.

- I was terribly amazed when I read the news.

No one has had any idea.

My neighbor is at work there, but I haven't had time to talk to him yet, Arja Hoikka says.

- There has been no speculation in my ears, although I know a few who had been with Neste for years.

Huge investments were made there a few years ago, but apparently Neste has now decided to invest somewhere else, Hurme regrets.

Arja Hoika's neighbor works at Neste. Photo: Vesa-Matti Väärä

Neste has reported a reduction need of 470 people.

It has been confirmed that the majority of the company concerns the Naantali plant, which will be completely closed down.

Concern for the future is common in Naantali.

Korona has already disciplined tourism in the summer, and Neste's announcement is another big blow this year.

- This is probably quite a shock for many.

Many can be left blank.

If you are a young guy, you might find a new job.

Parents may be weaker, Kari Ruuska thinks.

Kari Ruuska heard the news from his friend. Photo: Vesa-Matti Väärä

Arja Hoikka is on the same lines.

- This is going to be quite a disaster for this city.

Finding jobs can be really tricky when Korona has already done her job.

According to Hurme, Neste is one of the last large companies in the region.

Its cessation will have a huge economic impact on the region.

- Quitting raises tax havens and affects everyone.

Neste is a terribly large taxpayer for Naantali.

This is going to have some effect on Naantali’s economy, but luckily there’s obviously something to the bottom of the bag, Lundén says.

- It's a shame, because they've got the city's wallet in reasonable condition.

In the future, the mower will probably be injected into many everyday activities.

The end of work may also mean that families with children who have been successfully attracted by the city in recent years will have to relocate.

- Terribly young people have come here to work, and they are especially affected by this, Lundén thinks.

- There are no more moomins left here and we, retired Hurme, are coming.