In Greece, on the island of Lesbos, thousands of migrants and asylum seekers had already spent their fourth night in the sky on Saturday, while human rights organization Human Righs Watch warned that tensions between migrants, police and locals were growing all the time.

- Some EU countries have promised to receive a limited number of asylum seekers from Lesbos, but otherwise the EU has not been able to respond to the situation uniformly and adequately, the organization said in a statement.

Ten member states of the European Union said on Friday they would receive a total of 400 unaccompanied minors who arrived at the Moria camps.

The majority move to Germany or France.

Finland receives eleven unaccompanied minor asylum seekers.

Moria's camp was destroyed in a fire on Tuesday.

New fires broke out at the camp on Wednesday and Thursday.

According to the Greek authorities, at least the first fire was deliberately ignited after those who tested positive to the corona were quarantined.

The island of Lesbos has been declared a state of emergency due to fires.

"We don't even have jackets"

Residents of Lesbos strongly oppose the rebuilding of the Camp of Moria.

Authorities have used military helicopters to get to the camp ruins past roadblocks erected by residents.

- All thoughts about rebuilding should be forgotten.

The islanders can no longer stand this, assured the mayor of Mytilene Stratis Kytelis.

At the same time, the plight of migrants increased.

- We don't even have jackets that we could pull on at night against the cold and wind.

In addition, there are still 35 positive corona test results among us.

They can still spread covid-19 because we don’t know who they are, the Moria Corona Awareness Team said on Facebook.

The group shared pictures of people sleeping in the cemetery on Facebook.