German tennis legend Boris Becker is once again in the eye.

Becker, 52, will act as a Eurosport commentator in the eventless US Open tennis tournament.

On Friday, Becker commented on the men's semi-finals, in which Germany's Alexander Zverev defeated Spain's Pablo Carreno-Busta by 3-2.

However, Becker remained complaining to the referee asking for the defender handball. Marijana Veljovicia was given a chance to change things around.

- I have to say that the judge is very pretty.

Eye food!

Becker had stated.

Tennis journalist Petra Philippsen, among others, tweeted about the matter.

Becker’s obsession naturally caused a flood of astonishing comments on social media.

Yahoo Sports describes Becker’s statement as being condemned above all as “scattered” and “disgusting”.

- You can not be serious.

Tell someone to him that it’s 2020, one summed up on Twitter.

- This just proves he's disgusting.

Some just don’t know how to be quiet, another wondered.

During his sports career, Becker was one of Germany’s most popular athletes.

He is a six-time grand slam champion and the youngest ever legendary Wimbledon winner.

He won Wimbledon for the first time in 1985, at just 17 years old.

Since her career, Becker has been in the headlines, especially because of her personal difficulties and female adventures.

Becker, who lived in England, was declared bankrupt by a British court in 2017, when he was reportedly owed € 61 million.