TV star Arman Alizad says in a sweet picture posted on Instagram that he and his female friend Senay Coco’s child has been born.

- We got a lovely beautiful little girl yesterday!

Baby when it came out pretty first it was totally whitewashed and I immediately told Sena you "Jess, we're going to be White Walker!"

But it was some kind of protective grease and after a while his cheeks braided and this would seem to be a human child after all.

But yes, for us, human children do too.

Judging by the strong grip, he is a warrior.

He becomes a female-spotless, three-eyed raven named Arja Sirkka, or Arya, who later becomes an anonymous, and a servant of a faceless God, that is, an assassin training in the beginning of that week.

This week’s baby is allowed to take a soft bill and suck a tit, Alizad writes in the caption, referring to the Game of Thrones fantasy series from her favorite series.

More on this in a moment.