All eighteen California wildlife parks have to be closed to visitors due to wildfires in the US state, which are spreading faster,



Wednesday after an announcement from the local Forestry Commission.

The parks have to close because of "an explosive growth" of the dozens of wildfires that have been raging in the state for several weeks.

"The number of major fires and extreme conditions that we see across the state is historic. These temporary closures are necessary to protect the public and the fire service and will remain in effect until conditions improve," the local report said. Forestry Commission.

It concerns an area of ​​about 8 million hectares spread across California (about twice the surface area of ​​the Netherlands).

Eight parks in the south and center of the state had to close on Monday, the other ten parks were also closed on Wednesday.

Dangerous wildfires have been raging in California for weeks.

These were caused by a series of lightning strikes last month.

The governor of the state has declared a state of emergency.

Thousands of homes have been destroyed and 10,000 people are currently without shelter.

Also forest fires in other parts of the west coast

It was announced on Wednesday that thousands of people in northern California must also prepare for an evacuation.

A large forest fire is currently spreading to the area.

Wildfires are also raging in the states of Arizona, Nevada, Oregon and Washington.

In Oregon, north of California, five villages and hundreds of homes have been destroyed by the fire.

Oregon Governor Kate Brown said on Wednesday that there would also be deaths.