Serbian star Novak Djokovic was at the center of a gigantic scandal when he was dismissed from tennis in the open U.S. by a 33-year-old endurance runner after inadvertently hitting the ball in the line referee’s throat.

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The case has, of course, caused a lot of aftercare.

One of the most unpleasant consequences is the threats against the line judge in question.

The British Daily Mail reports that Djokovic’s passionate fans have, in their anger, filled the judge’s Instagram account with hate messages and even death threats.

According to the Daily Mail, the flood of messages began after the U.S. Open reluctantly disclosed the judge’s name and a Serbian newspaper in turn dug up the judge’s Instagram account.

Even a boy who had died in a judge’s cycling accident had been excavated in the posts.

- Don't worry, you'll soon follow him, one of the messages had belonged to the judge referring to the boy.

According to the British newspaper, almost all of the judge's Instagram photos had received hate messages.

In the messages, the judge had been barked, among other things, to be ill and an alcoholic.

After all, the flood of messages has also come to Djokovic's attention.

- Remember that the line referee who hit the ball also needs the support of our community.

He has done nothing wrong.

I ask that you support and take care of him during this time, Djokovic hurried to write on social media,

He addressed his message to the #NoleFam community, i.e. his fans.

Djokovic has apologized for the incident.

- This incident makes me feel empty and sad.

Thank God the line judge is fine.

I'm really sorry that I caused him stress in this way.

It was complete damage and completely wrong, Djokovic wrote on Instagram after the incident.

The line judge, who got the ball in his throat, fell to the ground and fumbled his throat long and painfully on the surface of the field.

However, he walked off the field on his own feet and fortunately was not seriously injured.

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