Six parts of the late Finnish visual artist Markus Copper's Sixpack of Instant Death (1995) may contain an explosive.

Helsinki police have reached half of the parts of the work, but three parts are still missing, the police informs.

- The police have tried to find out the whereabouts of the missing parts, but have not found out where and by whom they are in their possession.

The police are now asking for information about the missing parts, because they must be found and rendered harmless, says Commissioner for Crime Juhani Vuorisalo from the Helsinki Police Department.

Police do not have precise information about what explosive and how much the missing parts contain.

That is why the parts must be reported to the police without delay.

- The owner of the part is not suspected of any crime.

The police only make part of the work harmless and then return it to its owner, Vuorisalo emphasizes.

The Helsinki Police ask you to contact us by e-mail at or by calling the helpline number 029 541 7931 if you have a part of the work or know where it could be.

Six parts of Markus Copper's Sixpack of Instant Death (1995) may contain an explosive.Photo: Police