Significantly more applications for Finnish citizenship have been made in Sweden this year than before.

The Minister of the Finnish Embassy in Stockholm, Jouni Laaksonen, said that during the first eight months, 345 citizenship applications had been accepted and, in addition, about 200 applications had been received pending processing.

Last year, a total of 154 citizenship applications were received at the embassy, ​​which means that in just eight months the number has already tripled compared to the whole of last year.

Laaksonen says that the rapid increase in the number of applications is not about ordinary Swedes who suddenly want to become Finnish citizens.

A clear majority of those who have applied for citizenship have moved from Finland to Sweden in due course.

Those who moved to Sweden had to give up Finnish citizenship for a long time, as Finnish legislation did not previously recognize the possibility of dual citizenship.

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Now that dual citizenship has been recognized since 2003, many also want to regain Finnish citizenship.

- The application does not ask for any reason or justification, but it can be concluded from this date that we want to ensure the easiest possible access to Finland.

Thus, during the Korona period, a Swedish citizen must have a good reason to come to Finland, a Finnish citizen can enter the country completely freely, Laaksonen compares.

Finnish passports have not been issued more than usual at the Embassy in Stockholm. Photo: Aleksi Jalava / IS

According to Laaksonen, the number of Finnish passports issued by the Embassy in Stockholm has remained constant, at about 4,000 per year.

- The number of passports has not increased, in fact it has been slightly lower than last year, Laaksonen described.

This is probably explained by the fact that a passport is not required when traveling between Finland and Sweden.

The increase in the number of applications is also reflected in processing times.

At its fastest, dual citizenship is obtained in 1-2 weeks, currently you can prepare for up to 2-3 months of waiting.

- It goes so that a person goes to an embassy or honorary consulate to prove their identity and identify themselves, and then the documents go to the Finnish Immigration Service's Migrin tube, Laaksonen says.

The Corona period is clearly visible at the Finnish Embassy in Stockholm other than as increased applications.

- There will be a lot more calls and inquiries about different things than usual.

This has been a hectic time at the embassy, ​​Laaksonen describes.