Has the neck-shoulder area been hard on hanging at the laptop?

Has exercise been limited due to Korona?

We listed the movements that allow the body to come to life even in our own living room.

1. Relax your muscles

The neck is tightened, should I stretch a little again?

That may not be the best idea.

Instead of stretching, try strengthening your muscles and relaxing your shoulder muscles.

All you need for relaxation is a tennis ball or a small body care ball.

The ball can be used to hit tight places. Photo: Seppo Kärki

Here's how to do business:

  • Lie on your back halfway to your side.

  • Place the ball at the top of the shoulder blade, over the shoulder muscles.

    You recognize the right place by making it feel “sweet sore”.

  • Carefully place the weight on the ball as much as you feel good.

  • Gently move your hand straight up and down your head.

    Hold the ball firmly in place.

Finally, take a deep breath towards the ball and relax with an exhale.

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Legs up and back relaxed! Photo: Colourbox

2. Rest your back

If the lower back is tightened, the feeling can be made easier, for example, by settling into a rest position.

Lie down and put a pile of pillows under your knees.

Push in the position according to the instructions of the Back Association for about 10-15 minutes at a time.

You can also lie on the floor and raise your legs on a low stool, for example.

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3. Strengthen the limbs

You can easily get power and strength at your feet even at home.

One excellent movement is the classic squat.

Squat like this:

  • Stand on a wide leg, turn your feet slightly outwards.

  • Squat as low as you can according to your mobility

  • Get up at a leisurely pace back up.

  • Make sure your knees and toes go in the same direction.

The squat strengthens the entire rear chain.

It is also suitable to go all the way down if the movement gives way. Photo: Aleksi Jalava

If you want movement and explosiveness, do the movement with a jump.

After squatting down, strain hard into the air from below and descend back into the squat.

Here, too, make sure your knees and toes go in the same direction.

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4. Central frame patterns - also back praises

The middle body is worth training, as the strong muscles in the middle body support good posture and prevent back pain.

The plank is a good general movement. Photo: Antti Hämäläinen

Plank is one great option.

SE strengthens both the middle body, hind legs and buttocks.

The movement is effective, but in itself simple: support your body in your arms or in a push-up position for a certain amount of time.

Tighten the abdomen in a position so that the middle body is tight.

Only bend as long as you stay in a position that is stylish.

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5. Strength to the upper body

The power of the upper body is accentuated in many everyday tasks, such as carrying shopping bags, lifting goods and cleaning.

A strong upper body is also an advantage for the sedentary worker.

The upper body can be exercised, for example, with weightlifting movements.

Wall press is a good option especially for beginners.

Outside you can even weigh against a railing or bench. Photo: Colourbox

Here's how to do it: Place your hands at shoulder height and weigh against the wall.

Focus on doing weightlifting all over your body.

Turn the tailbone between your legs to avoid excessive sagging and strain on your back.

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6. Vetinis neck-shoulder area

The neck-shoulder area should be strengthened with traction movements.

Hand-to-hand movements are actual precision strokes.

Is there a gym rubber band in your home?

It can be used to do a wide variety of things.

  • Watch the video below for a strengthening and opening super movement for the upper back.

Make the video move on both sides.