Model Crystal Hefner poses in her recent Instagram photos in a quite different style than she is used to seeing in public.

The 34-year-old former Playboy model now favors a much more natural look than it did a few years ago.

Her husband, Playboy mogul Hugh Hefner, passed away in September 2017 and Crystal was used to seeing her husband’s arms in revealing outfits.

However, the bombshell style is now history, and the model has had little publicity since Hefner’s death.

In recent years, based on his Instagram, he has focused mainly on travel.

In his recent Instagram photos, the former Playboy bunny poses on the golden sandy beaches of Mexico in a swimsuit.

- Beach life.

I have edited my body kyuviin, because I prefer a happy, than perfect, Hefner writes Instagram.

A break from publicity has seemed to do Hefner good, and Instagram admires how happy he looks in his pictures.

- Wonderful how happy you look!

- You're stunningly beautiful and downright glowing.

I'm so glad that you have found happiness, Instagram is written.

In 2015, Hefner was diagnosed with Lyme disease, which he has said collapsed his health.

Now, however, Hefner writes in his Instagram that he can do better than for a long time.

- I am now healthier than ever before after diagnosis.

I am also happier than in a long time, he rejoices.

The model chosen for the December 2009 Playmate has spoken socially about how younger and younger people are applying to the plastic surgeon’s office to customize their appearance.

Hefner has said in his Instagram that he went to remove all possible fillers from his body.

- I have to be removed from myself all that I can only.

I continue to work to be the most natural possible version of myself.

I became a victim of toxic Hollywood and slowly I find my way out of it, he has told me.

- If it is not natural and comes from the ground, do not inject it into your body.

This also applies to food.

You’re beautiful just like that and if someone doesn’t believe it, she doesn’t deserve to be in your life, Hefner has reminded me.

Playboy mogul Hugh Hefner photographed with his wife Crystal (right) and the July and August 2009 Playmate twins Karissa and Kristina Shannon. Photo: Mary Evans

Get alimony from Hugh Hefner's kitchen

Crystal Hefner has never commented in public on what Hugh Hefner left him in his will.

According to American newspapers, he receives a monthly alimony from Hefner's estate and the Playboy mogul also left his estate in his will.

In 2018, she sold a luxury home worth nearly € 6 million inherited from her husband.

The model has been silent in public about her and Hugh Hefner’s years together, but in 2018, she described in an interview with Fox News that she loved the man with all her heart.

- I felt how much he loved me.

I loved him so much.

I'm so grateful.

He gave me life.

He gave me direction.

He taught me kindness, Crystal Hefner said.

- I will be forever grateful that I got to be at her side and hold her hand, telling her how much I love her.

He changed my life, he saved my life.

She made me feel loved every day.

Hugh and Crystal Hefner met at the Playboy Manor Halloween party in 2009. The man married his much younger girlfriend on Christmas Eve 2010 and the wedding was scheduled to be celebrated in the summer of 2011. However, Crystal changed her mind just five days before the wedding.

The couple finally got married in 2012.Picture: Mary Evans