Ferrari team manager Mattia Binotto, 50, admits she wondered if she was the right man to lead the legendary Italian team.

- I've questioned myself, that if I'm the right man for the role of team manager, Binotto says Corriere della Sera.

Ferrari's season has been miserable.

In an interview with an Italian magazine, Binotto is greedily grilled.

Do you sleep at night, Binotto is immediately asked to the top.

- Sure, he answers.

Ferrari is the most successful Formula One ever with 238 GP wins and its drivers are used to seeing a checkered flag on the podium.

This season, Ferrai drivers have never appeared on the podium.


Last weekend in Belgium, Charles Leclerc and four-time world champion Sebastian Vettel didn’t even score.

In Italy, Ferrari’s stomach is not watched well, but Binotto assures that he does not feel threatened.

- Some things I could have done better.

For example, I could have started the technical reorganization earlier.

However, I believe that 25 years of experience in F1 and knowing this company are the key factors to doing well in this profession.

Repeatedly, Matthio Binotto, Ferrari's team manager, has had enough trouble on the work front this season. Photo: Thomas Peter / Reuters

After seven races, Leclerc is fifth in the World Championships and Vettel is 15th. In the World Championships in the teams, Ferrari is only fifth with more than 200 points behind Mercedes.

The next two races will be run in Italy on the Monza and Mugello tracks.

Ferrari is basing its future on 22-year-old Monaco driver Leclerc.

Experienced German champion Vettel is leaving Ferrari after this season.

Binotto says he often talks to Leclerc about Michael Schumacher.

- Schumacher came to Ferrari in 1996 and won the championship in 2000. I think Leclerc can repeat this, says the Ferrari boss.

Sveitsiläisinsinööri Binotto joined the Italian stables in 1995. His career advanced to the driver-side tasks of the team's race engineer and the whole technical side of the President.

In 2019, Binotto replaced Maurizio Arrivabene as Ferrari’s team manager.