Swedish runner Suldan Hassan, 22, will be eliminated from the Finland-Sweden international match due to a covid-19 infection.

Hassan had shown great running fitness last weekend at the Gothenburg GP race, where he rushed to Sweden’s 5,000-meter record.

In the national match, he was entered for 1,500 meters.

- I was sore in the spring and thought I was already sick.

It’s sad to have it now, Hassan commented on Göteborgs-Posten.

During the Swedish match, the Swedish athletics team will live in a hotel in Stockholm, from where the athletes will fly to Tampere on both competition days.

Hassan is now isolated in a Stockholm hotel.

- I'm fine.

It feels a little weird, but apparently you can feel healthy and still be sick.

Hassan was given the latest test on Friday and its results will be available during Saturday.

Both teams compete in Tampere without their brightest stars.

Swedish pole vaulter Armand Duplantis jumped in the Diamond League in Brussels on Friday night and will not arrive in Tampere.

He won the race with a score of 600.

In the spear of the neighboring country, Kim Amb is left out due to a shoulder injury.

Fast-paced Annimari Korte justified his absence from the national match by focusing on the autumn Diamond League competition.