The Coalition Party delivered a weighty message from the Pori party conference to Kai Mykkänen, the chairman of the parliamentary group, to the party conference in the center of Oulu, where the new party chairman will be elected tomorrow, Saturday.

In practice, it will be either the current chairman Katri Kulmuni or the challenging Annika Saarikko.

- Is a joint message being sent here now.

Less speeches and more deeds, bills to parliament.

And it will be sent especially to Oulu, where the center will hold the main place of its party meeting.

- No more meetings at Säätytalo, good future chairman of the center, without making decisions about Finnish jobs.

There are no more Säätytalo meetings where only goals are set for employment, Mykkänen said.

He had one question for the future chairman of the center: are the center's boundary conditions for government work still valid?

- That is, that indebtedness will be stopped by 2023, that is, during this election period.

The employment rate will be raised to 75, it will require 120,000 employment.

If it is not done, then the debt ratio will not level off and we will have more unemployed people at the end of this parliamentary term than when we leave for this.

- There is a very big ball in the center here, Mykkänen says.

Mykkänen reminds that the city center has been piled up because they are on the board because “the go wouldn’t go to hunning”.

He also says, to some extent, that he understands the idea that the center is working within the government to ensure the pillars of responsible and entrepreneurial policy.

- But when it seems that it has not been possible.

The center repeatedly surrenders for one reason or another without the right actions on the side of employment reform and economic rebalancing.

According to Mykkänen, it is a question of the center allowing the line of the SDP and the Left Alliance to be over-represented in the government.

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The government of Prime Minister Sanna Marin (sd) is scheduled to make decisions in the autumn on 30,000 new additional employees.

Throughout the term, the target is a total of 60,000 new jobs.

Mykkänen states that so far no decisions have been made, nor did they come a year ago when there was no interest rate crisis.

- Needless to say, it's just a corona.

What the Rinte government did in 2019. It produced a budget that, according to the parliamentary information service, reduced 5,000 employment in Finland.

- If this fails in the September budget debate, then what is the reason that the center is in government, Mykkänen asks.

However, according to Mykkänen, the employment rate of 75 per cent requires more than 100,000 new jobs instead of 60,000, as Korona has taken jobs.

In mid-August, the Coalition Party presented its own list to create 100,000 new jobs.

- Needless to say, it would not be possible to raise that scale.

It is a scale error that the government has stuck to 30,000 decision-makers.

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