The bikini picture released by singer star Adele a few days ago has become one of the hottest topics of the week on social media.

The 32-year-old pop star has spent a quiet life on the music front and has taken a break from her well-being.

The singer has made a lifestyle overhaul and is said to have lost about 20 pounds as a result of a strict diet and fitness program.

In a slamming image, the singer poses in a bikini with a pattern of the Jamaican flag.

She has wrapped her hair in bantu buns.

- Girl, you broke the internet!

the image of Adele was annealed in the some.

The image also sparked a debate over whether the outfit of the Caucasian singer detracts from the culture of blacks.

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One person who loves the picture is Chet Hanks, the son of Hollywood star Tom Hanks, who is very impressed with Adele’s picture based on his Instagram.

Chet, 30, posted a riotous video on her Instagram account in which she flaunts Adele’s Set Fire To The Rain hit and glows the singer’s appearance.

- Adele, put a message, I have a thing for you, Chet imitating Jamaican accents in the video.

Adele popped like a rocket into the public barely an adult after releasing her first album 19 back in 2008. The real breakthrough came on her second studio album in 2011, which included hits including Rolling In The Deep, Set Fire To The Rain, and Someone Like You.

Adele won as many as 15 Grammy Awards in the 2010s, and her giant hits Hello, Rolling In Deep and Skyfall are playing everywhere.

Heard in the James Bond film, Skyfall also brought the singer an Oscar.

In 2017, Adele was on an indefinite break and withdrew from publicity.

Celebrity coach Camila Goodis has said Adele has lost weight on a strict diet.

“The first week is intense, with green juices and only 1,000 calories.

He doesn't look too slender - he looks great, Goodis is glowing.Photo: Admedia