The Koronavilkku app, which was downloaded yesterday, has already been downloaded a million times.

The app has been implemented with great respect for privacy, and the encounter information it collects with other people is completely Anonymous.

According to THL, which published the application, it also does not locate its users.

Nevertheless, on Android, the app will give a “exposure notifications inactive” notification when the phone’s location features are turned off.

Many users have had time to wonder why.

The message is similar to the one necessary for the application to work when the bluetooth is turned off.

- It's about the Android feature.

When Bluetooth is enabled on certain versions of Android, Android will request location permissions.

Koronavilkku does not use GPS or other location information at any stage, says Aleksi Yrttiaho, THL's Director of Information Management.

According to Yrttiaho, later versions of Android will aim to get rid of the combination of Bluetooth and location.

On up-to-date Android phones (operating system version 6.0 or later), the application-specific Bluetooth search can only be used if the device's location setting is turned on for all applications, not just applications that include an exposure notification system, Google says on its website.

Although phone location cannot be turned off, credentials exchanged between users do not include location information.

On both Android and iOS, corona tracking applications are explicitly blocked at the operating system level from accessing device location information.

Koronavilkku is also based on a joint technology between Google and Apple, both of which are embedded in their own operating systems.

Google and Apple have also determined which versions of the operating system support for corona applications will still be embedded in.

The latest supported operating system on Android is Android 6.0.

At Apple, it’s iOS 13.5, and the iPhone 6s is the oldest phone to get it charged.

As a result, thousands of iPhone 6 users will not receive the Corona Flash on their phone.

It is possible for the user to check the Corona Flash requirements in the Android settings.

Menu paths vary by manufacturer, but for new Samsung phones, for example, select Settings> Applications> Coron Flasher> Permissions.

It can be seen here that the application does not want special access rights from the phone, such as access to location data.

Nor can it be given to it.

The corona flasher does not require permissions to access phone data.