Mailis Penttilä talks on his Instagram account about how he decided to reapply for therapy to address themes related to appearance and sometime.

Among other things, Penttilä, who became public about the Whole Finland Baking program and the Miss Helsinki competition, published a sample in the image service, in connection with which he writes in the story section of the application about talking about Finnish bullying and the feelings it evokes.

- Behind this smile lies a lot of crying that has been cried because of malicious comments.

Someperson also has feelings and malicious comments hurt, Penttilä writes in the caption.

- We all have the right to live our own lives in exactly the style and look we want.

In the story part of Instagram, Penttilä explains how he spent six years in psychotherapy in his previous relationship, among other things.

At that time, Penttilä applied for therapy because he wanted to change his old patterns of behavior learned from his previous relationship after the relationship ended.

- My previous relationship was really different from my current one.

We were together at home and in our free time.

Throughout the relationship, I didn’t see any friends.

I didn't really have any friends.

After realizing in the relationship that it was not normal, Penttilä ponders.

At the same time, Penttilä emphasizes that there are as many relationships as there are people.

In her current relationship with her lover Pekka, she feels she is getting enough space.

Today Penttilä lives in a cohabitation with Pekka Koskinen. Photo: Jonna Ohrnberg

In the video, Penttilä reveals that he has recently returned to therapy to deal with difficult issues for himself.

He says that in therapy today, he deals with, among other things, somek bullying, as well as problems related to appearance and its modification.

- Mua has been bullied since childhood and I am from primary school to have heard unpleasant comments related to the appearance.

Penttilä says that he discussed in therapy why he has ended up modifying his appearance and why he wants to continue modifying it.

- I always came up with something new that I could edit.

I would like to get rid of that trait, he ponders.

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Sometähti states that he has previously spoken openly about, among other things, his cosmetic surgery operations, including his breast surgery.

However, Penttilä felt that openness had turned against him as negative comments, so he later decided to remain silent about his operations.

- I do not want to voluntarily put myself in a situation where I get a decent flow of negative things, he says.

- I know that bullying is not just about public figures.

But it’s easy to bark in a soma anonymously at some public figure.

Mailis Penttilä in 2017. Photo: Antti Hämäläinen

Despite everything, Penttilä wants to make content for his work on social media, because he says he likes it.

- I myself could never have imagined before that I was bullied.

But I encourage everyone to tackle bullying and talk about it, he decides.

Mailis Penttilä became known for the Whole Finland Baking series in 2013. She also competed for the 2016 Miss Helsinki title.

At that time, Jessica Ruokola won the race.

Since then, Penttilä has become a popular someperson, followed by more than 35,000 people on Instagram.

Today, Penttilä spends the daily life of a housewife with her millionaire spouse Pekka Koskinen, who works in the IT field.