FC Barcelona midfielder Arturo Vidal recited live words about the club while visiting a video podcast by Mexican performer and author, Daniel Habif.

Vidal believes Barcelona should change its thinking in a more modern direction.

According to the Chilean, mere so-called “Barca DNA” is no longer enough to guarantee success.

- Football has come a long way and DNA is lagging behind as other teams improve in other areas.

Football is more physical and more force and speed oriented than before.

The technical side is sometimes less important, Vidal said in the podcast.

Vidal thinks the team has too few experienced “professionals,” and juniors are trusted too much.

- The last three years have been something other than what a team like Barcelona deserves.

The best team in the world can’t have just 13 professionals.

DNA alone cannot always win.

Vidal, known for their hard grips on the field, thinks that Barcelona just lacks hardness.

The star of the Chilean national team also commented on the number one topic in the entire football world: Lionel Mess’s starting intentions.

He thinks Barcelona has relied too much on the Argentine doing everything alone.

- Messi is the best in the world, she is a space creature.

Still, he needs help to make the results better, Vidal sees.

Barcelona captain and superstar Lionel Messi wants out of the club.Photo: ALBERT GEA / REUTERS

Vidal is one of the players for whom the new head coach of the Catalan club, Ronald Koeman, sees no use.

He criticizes the way the matter has been made public.

Vidal spoke much more beautifully about his former club Juventus in the video than about his current team.

There is a hard turmoil going on in Barcelona.

Star player Lionel Messi wants to leave the club he has represented since the juniors, but the difference is becoming controversial.

Barcelona does not want to give up its talisman, so in order to get him, another club may have to shell out even the buy-out amount recorded in the contract: EUR 700 million.

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In addition, coach Koeman has been reported to have bluntly informed another star striker Luis Suárez by phone that he should watch the new club.

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The past season was a disaster for a club accustomed to success, as it failed to win any competition.

The season ended with a humiliating 2-8 loss to Bayern Munich in the Champions League semi-finals.