Dutch Fairphone for Smartphones released two camera modules that can be installed on the Fairphone 3 phone released last year. The camera modules upgrade the rear camera from 12 to 48 megapixels and the front camera from 8 to 16 megapixels.

According to the release, the cameras also have better and faster autofocus, subject tracking and image stabilization.

Another option is to buy a strong old phone based on the Fairphone 3+, with new modules included. The phone also has enhanced sound reproduction.

Fairphone’s goal is to prove that new features can be made available even without renewing the entire smartphone. According to the company, the normal way to buy a new smartphone about every three years is to consume natural resources and lead to social and environmental problems.

If image quality is important, the old Fairphone can now be upgraded for about 95 euros. The new Fairphone 3+ costs 469 euros.

However, extending the life of your phone may face other challenges that may not be possible with the new modules. For example, a Samsung phone purchased by a signatory in 2016 is still technically fully functional, but years of software updates have eaten up almost all of the storage space and made the phone slow to work.

IS Digitoday recently interviewed Fairphone founder Bas van Abel. His goal is to slow down the exchange of phones, even though it is at war with normal business common sense.

- The phone is designed to fit 95% of people. It’s made for the mid-range and has a good camera. The device is not mind-blowing, but well-designed, van Abel described the Fairphone 3.

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According to the release, the new Fairphone 3+ is 40% made from recycled plastic. In Fairphone 3, the share is 9 percent.