The 11th production season of the only life-only favorite series will start at Nelonen and Ruudu on October 2. In the opening period of the season, it is not yet sitting at the dinner table to make music, but the artists in turn arrive in Satulinna, a place that many artists have been waiting for a long time to invite.

The first artist day will be seen on October 9th. At that time, the day in Hirvensalmi Satulinna was hosted by percussion singer Ressu Redford. In the second turn, Jannika B and then Reino Nord, Arja Koriseva, STIG, Vesku Jokinen, Mariska and Herra Ylppö will each be able to hear other artists' versions of their own songs in the above order.

- Black is great to get to the fair! I have had a sleeping bag, suitcase and systems packed for many, many, many years… Not after months, the season-launching Redford rejoices in the program’s release.

The 11th production season of the Life Only favorite series starts on 2.10. Arrival at the Saddle Castle special period.

Photo: Petri Aho

In addition to the actual artist days, several themed episodes will also be seen on television in the autumn. The first to be seen is Life Only: Surprise Songs, where all the artists of this season gather once again at the same table. Each artist gets to hear a song from their own production that has not yet been heard this season.

Saturday, December 5, will see the Life Only: Save the Children special episode. In this charity period, artists visit the orphanage, learn about volunteering for the benefit of children and are involved in taking help for low-income families with children.

The familiar Christmas theme from the previous season will be available for diving from 11 December. In Life Only: Christmas episodes, the artists gather at a common Christmas table to discuss their own Christmas traditions and hear each other’s versions of memorable Christmas songs. The Christmas atmosphere can be enjoyed on two consecutive Fridays.

11. Life-only period:

  • Arrival at Saddle Castle 2.10.

  • Ressu Redford Day 9.10.

  • Jannika B's day 16.10.

  • Reino Nordin's day 23.10.

  • Arja Koriseva's day 30.10.

  • STIG day 6.11.

  • Vesku Jokinen's day 13.11.

  • Mariska's day 20.11.

  • Mr. Proud Day 27.11.

  • Life Only: Surprise Songs 4.12.

  • Life Only: Save the Children 5.12.

  • Life Only: Christmas 11.12.

  • Life Only: Christmas 18.12.