Sad sleep, thunder, child waking up at night. Night sleeps don’t always hit exactly.

- One sleepless night is not a disaster yet. Probably the next night the fatigue will come early and the night will get to sleep well, because then the night's sleep will be filled with a deep sleep compensatory sleep, says research professor Timo Partonen from the Department of Health and Welfare (THL).

According to current knowledge, it is deep sleep that is especially important.

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After a single night of poor sleep, a person is more tired and irritated during the day.

- The ability to concentrate is weaker, the ability to pay attention is narrower, the attention is shorter, the memory is worse, the reactions are slower, Partonen lists.

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Avoid the vicious circle

A vicious circle can arise if there are more poorly sleeping or completely sleepless nights during a week than relatively well-sleeping nights.

- However, after poorly slept nights, it is not advisable to sleep in a nap, as they tax the next night’s sleep, exposing insomnia to a vicious circle. Instead, the time to go to bed and the time to wake up, ie the sleep-wake rhythm, should be kept as regular as possible, Partonen advises.

Regular sleep-wake rhythm often improves sleep quality, and sleep is more refreshing.

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