In her keynote address on Monday, Prime Minister Sanna Marin (SD), President-in-Office, spoke in favor of soft economic policy.

In his speech at the SDP party meeting in Tampere, Marin assured that the decisions of the September budget debate are fair to the citizens.

- When decisions are made, they must be effective and fair to people. In order to increase the employment rate, we also need to take action to improve the quality of working life, Marin said.

According to the government program, in the budget conflict, the government should have 30,000 additional, decision-based jobs.

One possible decision by the Prime Minister was the removal of the pension tube.

- The abolition of additional days, ie the pension tube, has been raised as one way of keeping older workers in employment. At the same time, however, the safety of older workers needs to be improved, Marin said.

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The Prime Minister has reiterated that in the budget dispute, the government will not make decisions on all 30,000 additional jobs under the government program. In his keynote address, Marin said the government will make decisions in the budget debate and create the prospect of increasing the number of employees.

- It has been agreed in the government program that we will make decisions to increase the number of employees by 60,000. The government will make decisions in the September budget debate and create a perspective to increase the number of employees by 30,000, Marin stated.

According to Marin, economic policy will continue to be stimulative.

- The government program includes the principle of an active fiscal policy, which is dimensioned as required by the economic situation. Particularly in a bad economic situation, determined recovery is needed and should not be stopped too early, Marin said.

- Mistakes in the management of previous crises must be avoided. It means not only growth-friendly fiscal policies, but also the fight against the social crisis. It is important for the stable development of the economy that the integrity and trust of society do not erode. The lower the social costs of a crisis, such as care debt or prolonged unemployment, remain, the faster post-crisis economic growth will be, Marin said.

A two-day budget debate will be held in mid-September.