Finnish au pairs have been around the world for seven seasons. In the Finnish version, young people have been au pairs in Canada, New Zealand, Australia and Miami, among others. In addition to childcare, we have seen young people in their twenties become independent in the world, partying, falling in love and sometimes even arguing.

The Au pairs format developed in Finland was sold to the Netherlands last year. Now we can follow the first version of the success series made abroad.

The Dutch au pairs in Los series follows the daily lives of four young people for three months in Los Angeles. Dutch people from different backgrounds all end up in very different families to take care of the children.

19-year-old Lily likes to dance. Her dream is to become Beyoncé’s background dancer.

- This is a bit like a movie. I hope I get to many great parties, Lily dreams before her adventure begins.

Lily, who is traveling abroad alone for the first time, has no experience with housework. The introductory part shows how he learns how to use a washing machine and cooking at home in the Netherlands.

- Dad and Mom do everything for me, he laughs.

Lily with her family.

Photo: Aito Media Oy

Lily’s home in America can be found at a touching family. Cannabis is legal in California, so the family has a company that markets the product. Parents of 2- and 4-year-olds are also involved in organizing the Burning Man Festival.

Partying is guaranteed to be promised in this relaxed family, namely, the mother promises to take a new au pair to the underground club, who by the way is not yet old enough for US bars. Anyway, the family doesn't seem to care about the rules any worse.

Armenian parents want their daughter Gohar, 22, to start a family quickly. Now Gohar still wants to enjoy life freely and gain new experiences. Dad warns of the dangers of Los Angeles.

- Dad doesn't know me very well, Gohar says.

In California, Gohar ends up in a faithful family with four children. The family does not want the au pair to swear, drink or bring the boys home. There is a great need for a babysitter, namely there is chaos in the home all the time: laundry linings, dishwashing heaps and a horrible mess.

Sharel, 19, says she loves the children she cares for on a weekly basis. She also likes shopping and makeup.

Sharel’s family works in the entertainment industry and they have a 4-year-old daughter. The family feels like living a decent American dream. There is a death in the family of Sharel’s host family, so Sharel unexpectedly ends up starting her trip from the hostel.

Also included is 21-year-old athletic Leah, who has yet to meet in the first episode. She ends up helping a single mother.

After a moderate start, the season will see drama, homesickness, disappointments, and au pairings together.

The entire season will be on view at Yle Areena on Wednesday, August 19th. TV2 will present the series on weekdays in the late evenings from Monday 24 August.

According to Yle, the series presented in the Netherlands in the spring was a success. The series will also be the second production season to be filmed in Europe.

Dutch au pairs in Los on weekdays Mon 24.8. from TV2 at 11.25 pm / Yle Areena