Former hockey player, current gym entrepreneur Jere Karalahti, recently released an update to her Instagram account that made her more than 60,000 Instagram followers rub their eyes.

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The sample published by Karalahti comes from filming three years ago. At that time, a book about the life of Karalahti was just being completed and the descriptions were intended to take a cover photo suitable for the biography of an ex-disc star. In the picture, Karalahti is posing almost naked. He said he is now sharing the sample in honor of the fact that more than 100,000 copies of the book have been sold.

- This picture takes a cover photo of the book more than three years ago and the years made me look good. But as Linnanahde said to me, in this picture and in the whole book a village was put in the league, Karalahti wrote in his caption referring to Aki Linnanahte, who wrote his biography.

To date, the image has garnered nearly 4,000 likes and numerous comments. Linnanahde himself also immediately commented on the crappy image published by Karalahti.

- The guy is just getting harder. It's a pity that that light makes the sock look a little smaller, Linnanahde joked in his comment.

However, the most exhaustive commentary of all was left to Kati, the mother of Karalahti's spouse Nanna Karalahti.

- Hui, t. Mother-in-law, heard the mother-in-law's comment, which was provided with a monkey smile covering his eyes.

Aki Linnanahde and Jere Karalahti at the launch of the Jere book in 2017.

Photo: Jussi Nukari

The Jere book about the life of Karalahti was published in 2017. In its year of publication, it was Finland's best-selling non-fiction book with 33,200 copies. The biography was the first work by radio presenter Aki Linnanahti, who wrote the book.

- I didn't even dare to dream of such wild sales figures, even though I knew Jere's story was completely exceptional. In addition to sales figures, it has felt good to read the hundreds of feedbacks in which people have said they have helped the book fight their own problems, Linnanahde rejoiced in a press release published by the book's publisher, WSOY.

Jere and Nanna Karalahti got married in 2015.

Photo: Roni Rekomaa

Jere Karalahti ended her hockey career in 2016. Today, she works as an entrepreneur and runs a family family with children with her wife Nanna. The couple married in 2015 and the couple has two children, a 3-year-old son Jax and just over a year old Alexia. Jere also has a daughter Ronja in her twenties from her previous union.