In the age of social media, a celebrity catalog may give the wrong kind of picture of appearance through image editing and viewing angles. Often, the stars look longer on the screen and on television than they actually are.

The general perception is that it is easier for a tall person to reach leadership and achievement than a short one. However, many celebrities testify against this claim. We listed the lengths of celebrities at the shorter end.

Women under 160 cm:

Lady Gaga (155 cm)

Pop star Lady Gaga is used to being seen on stage in massive outfits and soaring heels, so the star’s length might come as a surprise. Gaga is actually only about 155 cm.

Lady Gaga is known for her spectacular outfits.

Photo: Zuma / MVphotos

Kim Kardashian (159 cm)

Kim Kardashian is followed on social media by as many as 185 million people. It is challenging to deduce the dimensions of a reality TV star from selfies and posing. Kim Kardashian is 159 cm, just a little taller than her sister Kourtney Kardashian, who is 155 cm. Khloé Kardashian, 177 cm long, stands out from the clan.

The Kardashian sisters have a difference in height.

Photo: Zuma / MVphotos

Shakira (157 cm)

Colombian-born singer Shakira is 157 cm tall. In interviews, he has said he likes that he is small in size.

Jennifer Lopez and Shakira pulled out a sparkling show at halftime at the Super Bowl. Jennifer Lopez is a little taller than Shakira, she is 164 cm tall.

Photo: Zuma / MVphotos

Kylie Minogue (152 cm)

Kylie Minogue, one of the most popular artists in the world, is 152 cm tall. In a recent interview, his sister Danni revealed that Minogue has sometimes claimed to be longer than reality.

Compact Kylie Minogue, 52, has a more than 30-year music career.

Photo: Zuma / MVphotos

Ariana Grande (153 cm)

Pop star Ariana Grande is often seen on stage in high heels. The long and smooth ponytail on his head, which has become his trademark, also gives a longer impression. The actual length of the singer is 153 cm.

Ariane Grande’s hair is almost invariably always at a high ponytail.

Photo: Zuma / MVphotos

Men under 175 cm:

Tom Cruise (170 cm)

The hero of action movies Tom Cruise is only 170 cm tall. Once upon a time, the headlines rose when Cruise suddenly looked considerably longer on the red carpet. Eventually, it was revealed that Cruise was wearing shoes with loose soles and hidden heels. Cruise has said he has gone from some roles to side because of the length of his mouth.

Tom Cruise on the red carpet in summer 2018.

Photo: Zuma / MVphotos

Kit Harington (173 cm)

Game of Thrones Commissioning The length of Kit Harington is difficult to estimate, as he was often seen next to the giants in the hit series. The actor is 173 cm tall.

Kit Harington rose to worldwide popularity with the large series of Game of Thrones.

Photo: Zuma / MVphotos

Zac Efron (173 cm)

Actress Zac Efron is 173cm tall. Efron has said that at a young age he was always the shortest boy in his class. Efron was only 155 cm tall when he was in high school and grew to his current height in his twenties.

In the new Down to Earth With Zac Efron series, Zac Efron appears in a stem with a different look. He has grown a beard, and fans have called his new style a “dad look”.

Image: Netflix / Everett / MVPhotos

Ed Sheeran (173 cm)

British star Ed Sheeran is about 173 cm tall.

The charming Ed Sheeran is just over 170 centimeters.

Photo: Zuma / MVphotos

Kanye West (173 cm)

Kim Kardashian’s wife, rapper Kanye West, is the same length as the aforementioned stars, 173 cm. He is more than ten centimeters taller than his beloved.

Couple on the red carpet in February 2020.

Photo: Zuma / MVphotos

Men under 170 cm

Prince (160 cm)

The legendary Prince was less than 160 cm tall. The singer often wore high heels on stage.

Prince died in 2016.

Photo: Ross Marino / Capital pictures / MVPhotos

Daniel Radcliffe (165 cm)

Harry Potter actor Daniel Radcliffe is one of the stars less than 170 cm tall. He is about 165 cm tall. In the interview, the actor jokingly recalled two other short actors.

- Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise have created very different careers, and they are of the same length as me. I could act as a soldier, as I meet the minimum length of a Marine soldier, Radcliffe threw.

Daniel Radcliffe is one of the shortest on the list.

Photo: Zuma / MVphotos

Dustin Hoffman (167 cm)

Actor Dustin Hoffman is about 167 cm tall.

Dustin Hoffman has been charged with sexual harassment.

Photo: Zuma / MVphotos

Individual lengths are based on data collected from various U.S. media. Lengths may have varied depending on the source, so the most common length is selected.

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From the video below, you can see what celebrities look like alongside 213-centimeter Lauri Markkanen.