A 13-year-old boy from New Hampshire has risen to number one in the U.S. Democratic Party Conference. Brayden Harrington gave a virtual speech to millions of party conference attendees.

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Harrington's stuttering became the main theme of the short but impressive video. The boy, who had suffered a stutter, had met Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden in New Hampshire a month earlier. Harrington had impressed Harrington.

- He told me we belong to the same club - we stutter. It was amazing to hear that someone like me became vice president.

13-year-old Brayden Harrington spoke at a virtual Democrat party meeting on Thursday.

Photo: Democratic National Convention V / Zuma Wire

As a young man, Biden had practiced speaking by reading aloud poems by William Butler Yeats. Next to the poems, he had written instructions for pronunciation. Biden has often said in public that it is important for stuttering to remind himself to take breaks. Harrington, 13, says how important it was for him to hear from an adult about his stuttering worries and ways to get over them.

- Children like me trust that you are voting for someone we can all watch admirably. Someone who cares. The son of someone who makes our country and the world better, appealed on behalf of Biden.

The virtual audience at the party meeting was elated about the speech and also praised it as the best speech of the evening on social media.

Joe Biden has said he has been bullied and underestimated for stuttering.

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Joe Biden, 77, has spoken publicly about his stuttering on many occasions. In February, he told CNN he was still stuttering, sometimes tired. In the same interview, he said he met Brayden Harrington the day before during his campaign in Concord.

They had discussed stuttering and exchanged phone numbers. The boy's father said he appreciated how Biden normalized stuttering.

- It has nothing to do with your IQ. It has nothing to do with the structure of your intelligence, Biden told CNN about stuttering.

- When you think about it, stuttering is the only disability people still laugh at. They still humiliate people for stuttering. And they don’t even mean doing so, Biden said.