Valtteri Bottas, who is third in the Formula 1 World Championship, is on holiday with his loved one Tiffany Cromwell in Finland. According to the information received by IS, Bottas and Cromwell, who arrived by private plane, will spend about a week in Finland, for example, in cottages in Nastola. Hämeen Sanomat was the first to report on Bottas' visit to Finland.

Bottas and Cromwell visited the Ahvenisto motorway in Hämeenlinna on Thursday at an event organized by their partner Abloy Oy. Bottas answered questions from an audience of about two hundred, drove a dozen high-speed laps in his Mercedes-AMG GT S, and competed in a driving simulator against the most enthusiastic.

- Valtteri gave interviews, had photographs and strict races with a driving simulator. Bottas drove the bottoms, but one young enthusiast gave really hard resistance. As tight as Valtter and Lewis Hamilton are, says Jari Perälä, Abloy's Director of Sales and Marketing, who hosted the event.

Valtteri Bottas and Mercedes-AMG GT S.

Photo: Kalle Kirjalainen

Tiffany contented herself with driving the simulator farther away, but jumped aboard the car as Valtteri set off to seriously track the track.

Some of the audience’s questions to the Mercedes F1 star were rarely tortuous, like Is it annoying that Bota is driving in the same stable as a friend of one of the most successful drivers of all time, Lewis Hamilton.

- If Hamilton is able to win, then he has certainly achieved his own goals. I don't want easy access, Bottas replied according to Perälä.

Bottas also talked about the roller coaster-like start of the season. Since winning the first race, Bottas has struggled with weak starts and tire problems.

- He said that the start of the season was the best possible. Silverstone’s ring roulette Bottas said it was like a lottery that who breaks the tires and who eventually gets to the finish line. The teammate then had better flow in these cases, Perälä says.

- Bottas was optimistic that the direction is still turning and he was pleased to have been able to raise his level. For example, in terms of time, they are currently equally strong with Hamilton, Perälä continues.

Bottas at the wheel of Mersu on the Ahvanisto motorway.

Photo: Kalle Kirjalainen

However, the highlight of the day was seeing Bottas in action on a Finnish motorway.

- I was there at a young age in 1984, when Keke Rosberg drove the Åland track record. Rosberg’s time is unofficial, but no one has broken it yet. It is clearly faster than any other time. Of the current formula names, Red Bull boss Helmut Marko has driven in Åland, but such visits to formula drivers are a really rare treat, says Perälä from Hämeenlinna.

Safety clearances were taken care of at an event organized by Abloy.

Photo: Kalle Kirjalainen

According to Perälä, Abloy managed to provide the Åland depot with safe conditions for a corona pandemic, so that a formula star surrounded by strict security measures could be found at all.

- Many events have had to be canceled and on our part this required a lot of special arrangements both in advance and on the spot. We were outside, there were guards on site, safety gaps were great, everyone had face masks, hand gloves and the surfaces were disinfected all the time.

Bottas was also of interest to photographers on Thursday.

Photo: Kalle Kirjalainen

According to IS data, Bottas and Cromwell headed back from Åland to Nastola to enjoy the summer in late August. Based on social media, Tiffany has enjoyed the Finnish scenery on the back of a bike.

The F1 series will continue at the Belgian Spa in a week with the first practice session on Friday.

- I think the track is well suited for our car, Bottas commented to Hämeen Sanomat.

Photo: Kalle Kirjalainen

Mercedes-AMG GT S.

Photo: Kalle Kirjalainen

Perch audience in the depot straight.

Photo: Kalle Kirjalainen.