According to Chairman Katri Kulmun (center), the center will stick to its threshold issues in the board and the government program.

- Chairman of the Center have taken these conditions are serious and experienced a duty to take care that they kept closed, Kulmuni said.

- Media whisperers have told me that I was considered to be quite an “earthquake”. It has also been said that it is not known where the Center will ever be. To all this I would say that I am happy to discomfort, when the question is about driving downtown objectives. The Center has its own independent government actor, not the Left or Right Doormat, and this is the line the Center will stick to, Kulmuni continued.

Kulmuni spoke to the parliamentarians of the center at the summer meeting of the parliamentary group in Hämeenlinna.

Kulmuni assured that in the budget debate in mid-September, the government will have to find 30,000 additional employees in line with the government program.

- This fall, in a budget dispute, the government must find a common understanding of the actions required for 30,000 additional workers and act - make decisions. One should not hang on to individual performances, not grasp frivolous solutions or knock out the most demanding ones. We need to find an entity that will strengthen Finland's competitiveness and economy and bring employment to sustainable growth.

- I repeat: we need to get joint decisions on this this autumn, in the budget debate, Kulmuni said.

Prime Minister Sanna Marin (sd) has reiterated that the deadline can be postponed from the budget dispute and the government intends to gather decisions on 30,000 additional employees during the autumn.

The center is currently holding a presidency.

In June, President Kulmuni had to resign as Minister of Finance due to the uproar over performance training. Kulmuni’s tens of thousands of euros in performance training were paid for by ministries and taxpayers, not the party office.

Kulmuni wants to continue as the chairman of the center, and the center will elect a chairman at its party meeting in Oulu on the first weekend of September.

Minister of Culture Annika Saarikko, Member of Parliament Petri Honkonen and entrepreneur Ilkka Tiainen are fighting for the presidency with Kulmun.

Kulmuni himself was elected chairman of the center at an extraordinary party meeting last September, when chairman Juha Sipilä left his term in the middle of spring 2019 after a major election defeat.