A surprising encounter at the restaurant, a hectic night and a morning goodbye. We told one night about things that have hit the minds of readers.

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A 24-year-old woman experienced this while greeting her friend in Central Europe.

- On my last night, we left with his local friends to spend the evening. There was one man in the gang that I was immediately interested in, but I didn’t bother to linger looking further.

The evening went smoothly.

- Surprisingly, when the man was already leaving, he asked me in front of the bar, where we ended up exchanging a really sweet kiss for goodbye. I already turned to return to the bar when my friend came out and shoved his home key in my hand, wishing us an eye waving good night. We enjoyed each other all night and in the morning we still exchanged our contact information, but the communication didn’t really become anything. However, encouraged by his friends, he sent me a song he had written and sang to a guitar accompaniment. Needless to say, it was about our night together. It is still one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard.

There are memorable one-night moments in others as well.

“Funny memories left”

At the end of a bar night, I ended up with a man with a fun and sense of humor to continue to his cabin. We had absolutely unconscious fun and good sex. We fumbled in bed, on the couch, on the floor and in the toilet. We laughed at each other’s funny voices and postures.

In the morning I left after a cup of coffee in good spirits. We did not exchange contacts. I didn’t even think when I left that we would keep in touch. However, it was different: a few weeks later, we were in the same bar again, spending the evening with our own groups of friends, and the rest of the evening in the cloakroom queue again.

We spent a fun and hectic night together and in the morning laughed at "chance". We exchanged contacts and occasionally had a fun night together. It was never taken forward and good. Funny memories remained. - Woman, 38

“I woke up next to a stranger”

I woke up in the morning from a strange place, next to a strange man. The man was outwardly even unattractive to me. I quickly jumped to put my shoes on when the man walked out of the bedroom and asked for my phone number. I said if this wasn't like this one here and I slipped into the stairwell!

Common night will remember the vague moments, such as the fact that I fell on the floor of his sängystään (my leg is still half a year after the scar intact) and the way we do not even have used a condom, because the man they had not been. Having learned this, I always carry a condom in my bar bag nowadays. Fortunately, the pregnancy test and venereal disease tests were negative after all. The night didn’t even miss his name, maybe it could start with J or not. - Woman, 23

"Traces left"

In a good way, I will forever remember the man who taught me most of everything I know now that night. I find the story of one evening bad, the scratch marks I left on my chest after a week. - Woman, 20


Drunk ex-man's best friend sleeps. Slept kindly in a spoon, horrible hops when there was. The man took me with him from the party venue, as if to protect me from the "drooling" men, and said we were going. Gentleman.

They slept, in the morning on painkillers, breakfast and talked about life for a long time. Then I went to a friend, with the intention of going home in my own car. Soon the phone rings. The man said there was something left in the mold. I drove to his home. The man came to open the door, standing at the door with a towel on, wet from the shower. It was going then. Grabbed him to bed.

It was good. The man finally said this had to be done. It would otherwise have been regretted. I agreed. Both when they were free. - Woman, 34


I once hit a woman at a bar. We went to him. When we got in, I noticed pictures of his family on the walls. In addition to her, the pictures included her husband and two children. I asked about the pictures, and the woman admitted she was married. The man and the children were traveling on the other side of Finland with the man's parents.

I wasn't bothered by that drunken state. We had passionate sex with the woman first at night and still in the morning. But it was undeniably a bit embarrassing to leave the apartment when I looked at those pictures again. The woman still threw me home, and at the same time went to pick up her husband and children from the train station. - Man, 29

“Elements of an unforgettable evening”

There was a sequel to my friend’s wedding at the nightclub and our group was clearly the best dressed in the place, we were in smoke and evening dresses. There I met two young American women who were traveling in Europe and spent a few days in Helsinki. I ended up in their shelter for sequels.

The sparkling wine beat one of them, and I ended up having sex with them. The rented ones on the ground, the mind splashing from the celebration of joy, the summer night and the alien club, from those elements an unforgettable evening was built. - Man, 43

"Pulled to silence"

The scariest thing was when I woke up lost my memory from a strange place next to my father’s aged beer stomach. I sneaked quietly out and realized I didn’t know where I was at all. The man appeared on the balcony and asked if I needed a ride home. I needed it.

The trip was pretty quiet. The man also asked if he would be seen in the evening. I said I have my homework. The man smiled and asked what I was studying. Hated the whole man, and I replied unkindly, that I am a junior high school (in fact, I was already 17). The man swung to whitish white, no longer saying anything all the way. - Woman, 40

"In an open relationship"

I met a woman on a business trip. I was alone eating dinner. The woman asked if I should join me. What's more, a beautiful and civilized woman is nice to follow. It turned out that she was living in a free relationship with her husband, and had come that night to meet some strange man in town. The man had made her barrels.

We drank a few glasses of wine and discussed how the world was going. Finally, at the woman’s suggestion, we ended up at my hotel together, and had a very enjoyable sex according to a long formula. - Man, 35

"Test drive pays off"

I was really in love with my fellow student, but he wasn’t interested in me. Once, however, at the end of the party, I noticed that my opportunity had come, and I took him home. I was sure sex would be awesome because I was so burning in love with this man. So the sex was at most mediocre. The infatuation ended there.

I learned that a partner is quite a sensible “test drive” at the earliest possible stage, not to unnecessarily dream of a guy with whom chemistry doesn’t play in bed. - Woman, 30

"Naked in the stairwell"

After sex, I went out and walked naked to the stairwell in my sleep. I was left behind locks. The gentleman left in the sausage did not wake up to the doorbell, so I grabbed the doormat and asked a neighbor to call a maintenance man to open the door. - Woman, 34

“Electronic atmosphere”

I was sleeping in the same tent at the summer festivals with my admiration for youth. We had decided to be just friends, but the whole summer night in the tent had an electric atmosphere and neither was allowed to sleep. We didn’t have sex, and we didn’t even touch each other, but we were both visibly aroused; each in their own corner in their sleeping bags. We just looked at each other.

I’ve never wanted anyone as much since that night. We are still good friends. - Woman, 30

"I woke up alone"

I woke up from the apartment alone and didn’t know where in the city I was. The guy had gone to work. I was wondering how to get home. Terrible hangover. Luckily I found a post office where I saw the address and I was able to call a taxi. - Woman, 45