On Tuesday, the Pirkanmaa Rescue Department received an alert for a major rail traffic accident at 6.48 pm in Mänttä-Vilppula. The accident has occurred at the Kitusuontie level crossing between Kolho and Vilppula. 13 rescue units left the scene.

- At this stage, it is known that the car has collided with a train, Ilta-Sanomat is told by the Pirkanmaa Rescue Department.

According to the rescue service, the train remained on the tracks.

According to VR, the train involved in Turma was a rail bus on its way from Haapamäki to Tampere.

- The car hit the side of the train. There were a total of five people in the car, all of whom got out of the car on their own, the on-duty fireman Risto Salonen tells Ilta-Sanomat.

One of those in the car was a child.

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A medical helicopter also arrived.

- Everyone in the car was checked and they have been treated by an ambulance.

According to Salonen, the commuter train had eight passengers and a driver.

- They were able to continue the journey by taxi, he says.

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Salonen says that compared to the power ratio of the car and the train, those in the car did well.

- There was only a pop on the train. The bow of a Mercedes Benz car is piled up. The train is on track, and it will take a long time to move it, Salonen estimates.

The passenger car collided with the side of a rail bus, after which it flew five meters and ended up at the bottom of the ditch. The car was badly damaged at the front and rear, but the cabin part remained in fairly good condition, Salonen told STT.

An accident also occurred at the same level crossing in May this year.

- The motorway comes towards the track at a slightly lower level, Salonen says.

At that time, a rail bus and a tractor collided.

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The train traveling from Tampere to Jyväskylä had three passengers in addition to the driver, but none of them were injured. The tractor driver was slightly injured. The rail bus caught fire in Turma.