In our story last week, hairdresser Sirkku Lampiniemi listed five things that amaze Finnish women in hair care.

For example, tenderness to ask a hairdresser, favoring the same hair style for years, and avoiding hair washing were added to the list.

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The article received a lot of comments from Finns. Many wanted to share their own hairdressing experiences and tell about how they wash their hair themselves. There were several dozen comments, especially related to hair washing alone.

We put together the most interesting ones.

“Water washing has taken a few years,” writes one reader who does not use shampoo or conditioner for hair washing.

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"I don't understand why you can't wash your hair while taking a shower"

While many in the comment field spoke in favor of long washing intervals, unwashedness also aroused wonder in non-hairdressers.

- I wondered how much effort people will see that just need to wash your hair. Even dry shampoo is used for cleansing, which is incomprehensible as it makes the hair and scalp even dirty. The smell of rancid fat is horrible and I think the head of many smells just like that. I don’t understand why you can’t wash your hair while taking a shower every day, one reader commented.

- Many women claim that once a week is enough. As a man, I wash practically every day because my hair gets greasy so fast. If you wash your hair in the morning, they are usually so dirty the next day that you can style it the way you want, writes another reader.

“I wash my hair once a week and sometimes even less often”

Many readers commented on washing their hair once a week. There are various reasons for this.

- Wash your hair in the shower with liquid soap once a couple of weeks. I do not use conditioner or styling products. Brush your hair after washing. My hair is strong, shiny and thick.

- I wash my hair once a week and sometimes even less often because it no longer gets so dirty. At the very least, the change in hormonal activity meant that the hair is no longer greasy but dries more, so fewer washing intervals and hair oils have been the salvation.

- If I wash my hair more than twice a week, my scalp dries so that there is no limit to the itching. I use mild detergents, so at least they don’t cause itching.

- I wash once a week, because my hair is glassy and does not grease. During the summer, I might wash every night as the pollen greases. I do not use design products at all.


One reader wonders if they could also wash their hair while taking a shower.

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"A few years have passed since the water wash"

Some commentators don’t use shampoo at all, but rely on the power of water.

- It's been a few years since the water wash. I use an odorless and colorless soap that I put in a pump bottle. In the shower, I wash my armpits first with soap and then “wash” my hair with warm water and let my dry hands absorb the grease from my scalp and hair.

- Just washing your hair with water is enough. I have washed my hair with water only for two years, and my hair never felt more fit. Obesity is no longer present either, as the hair and scalp have returned to a natural balance, which I no longer start to mess with with chemicals.

- Wash your hair when it looks dirty. A couple of times a week is enough if you don’t use varnish excessively.

How do you take care of your hair? Comment below!