Teemu Selänne says he last spoke to Dale Hawerchuck on Twitter yesterday. Former NHL legend Hawerchuck died at the age of 57 exhausted by cancer.

- So sad. An incredible person. I am grateful that Ducky was my friend and I got to talk to him yesterday and to say goodbye. The world is no longer the same without him, Selänne writes on Twitter.

At the same time, Selänne expressed his condolences to Dale Hawerchuck's family and son Eric Hawerchuck, who told of his father's departure on Tuesday night Finnish time.

Hawerchuk was diagnosed with stomach cancer last year. He had already recovered from months of chemotherapy treatments, but this summer the cancer was reported to have recurred.

Hawerchuk, who was honored in the Hall of Fame in 2001 with Jari Kurri, played in the NHL from 1981 to 1997 in the ranks of Winnipeg, Buffalo, St. Louis and Philadelphia.

The best years of his career Hawerchuk played in Winnipeg (1981-90), which booked center striker number one at the 1981 booking ceremony. He also served as captain of the Jets for several years.

Hawerchuk scored at least a hundred power points in six different seasons, the best of which was 1984-85, when he scored 130 points and was third on the points exchange after Edmonton super duo Wayne Gretzky and Kurr.

He made his career in the 1188 NHL match with a wild power of 518 + 891 = 1409. Hawerchuk is still 20th just ahead of Kurr in the series’s all-time points statistic.

The Stanley Cup missed Hawerchuk, but on the Canadian national team he celebrated the Canada Cup victory twice (1987 and 1991).