Telecom operator Telia says that it will make Recycled recycled phones available to everyone. This was preceded by an experiment that lasted more than a year, in which Telia sold some used and refurbished phone models at a new lower price.

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In the future, recycled phones can be purchased from all Telia Stores and the online store. Telia currently has four iPhone models and two Samsung models in its range. New models are to be added to the selection during the coming year.

Of the six models offered by Telia, only two were available at the time of writing. These were the Samsung Galaxy S8 and iPhone 8. The other models are the Galaxy S9, iPhone X, iPhone 6S and the original iPhone SE. For all of them, it was reported that the product is temporarily out of stock.

According to the release, professionals have tested the phone's battery and functions. Phones are also serviced and cleaned before sale. According to Telia, the phones it uses are “almost like new”. Recycled phones have a one-year warranty. When Telia started its experiment last year, the phones were promised another two-year warranty.

There may sometimes be other risks involved in purchasing a used phone. Even if the device is in good condition in all respects, it may not be supported for very long by the manufacturer. There is a risk that the purchaser of the phone will be deprived of software updates that, for example, update the operating system to a new version or fix critical security vulnerabilities.

The oldest phone in the Telia range is the iPhone 6S, which was released in 2015. The cheapest model in the range, the original iPhone SE, was released in 2016 and costs 159 euros. Apple has announced that both of these phones will receive the upcoming version of iOS 14.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 will no longer receive monthly security updates. Now, they’re only released on a quarterly basis, and Android Central believes they’ll end next May.

The trade in used telephones in Finland is still largely on the starting racks, but strong growth is forecast for trade worldwide.

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In June, Swappie, a Finnish used iPhone retailer, received EUR 35.8 million in financing to expand its operations to new countries.

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