Lewis Hamilton won the Spanish GP in superior style. He clearly left Red Bull Max Verstappen and his own teammate Valtteri Bottas behind.

In the post-race interview, Hamilton even seemed stunned by his superiority. He didn’t even notice the race ending when he drove downright in a trance. Well behind Hamilton, Verstappen effortlessly kept Bottas behind.

- Unbelievable. It felt really good. We had big problems with the tires in the last race. The stable had a very good idea of ​​what was happening and it helped to react today, Hamilton thanked the team for correcting the tire concerns of the British Games.

Hamilton dominated the race quite sovereignly and said he considered even one-stop tactics during the race when the tires worked so well. The situation was completely under control at all times.

- I try to study strategies as much as possible to understand what we do and why. The tires lasted really well and it provided options. A big thank you to everyone at the factory. The world is going through a difficult time and they are pushing the dune to the fullest. We need to keep masks here in the face to keep us safe, Hamilton decided.

Max Verstappen, who took second place, was pleased when Valtteri Bottas stayed behind.

- This was the best we can do right now to get between Mersu. Our momentum was not enough to overthrow Lewis, but the second place was a good performance. At the start, it was important to get past Valtter.

In a side sentence, Verstappen also threw a small receipt at Nastola for the fact that his pace was not enough to challenge the Dutchman. I did so even though Bottas got the softest tires under the final compression of the race when Verstappen had a medium hard alloy.

- I was expecting a tougher challenge from behind, but I found that my own tire worked well. He didn't catch me. The situation was in possession.