Kimi Räikkönen's future is another topic of conversation at the F1 depot and among fans. Many people think that Räikkönen's F1 career will finally end this season.

Räikkönen, who turns 41 in October, has been curving up with various games since he was a little boy. What is certain is that motorsport will remain a big part of his life even after the end of his F1 career.

Räikkönen's return to go-karting has already taken place through his son Robin Räikkönen. Kim has become a go-kart, as well as e.g. former teammates Felipe Massa and Juan Pablo Montoya.

Räikkönen claimed just over a month ago in Austria that Robin is starting to be faster on his go-karting tracks with his father.

- With a rented go-kart, I can't really keep up with him anymore, because the ratio of engine power to weight has its own meaning, Räikkönen said according to the website Speedweek.

- As for his talent, who knows? She is still a child. One day driving is fun, the next day not. There is no pressure. He gets to do what he likes.

Robin Räikkönen will turn six next January. After that, he could participate in Cadet-class competitions in Finland as early as next year.

Jussi Kohtala, who runs a karting stable with about ten drivers, is looking forward to Robin's first races.

- I have heard that he has a very strong desire to drive. As a young man, he reportedly already has a lot of thoughts and ideas in driving, Kohtala said.

- After Kim's hours, I wouldn't be surprised if there is another Räikkönen, which will be something big.

Räikkös have found a good track in Switzerland, where father and son have ridden together.

- Kimi certainly won't force the boy on the track. When they go to drive in Finland or Switzerland, it is always up to the boy's own desire, Kohtala reminded.

Robin Räikkönen was with his Minttu mother watching the Hungarian F1 race in the summer of 2019.

Photo: Photo4 / Lapresse / Zuma / MVPhotos

Although Räikkönen has earned hundreds of millions of euros in his F1 career, in the coming years he may occasionally be seen in karting competitions as a mechanic repairing his son's car.

- Kim gets things done too. It will definitely become a family hobby, Kohtala said.

- Kimi tries to act in the same way as he used to be a young go-kart driver. He creates opportunities for the boy to drive. They train first and then go to races when it feels like it.

Robin has also tried his father's beloved sport of motocross, but karting has begun to interest the boy much more.

Kimi Räikkönen also intends to continue to stick to the motocrosstall he founded, which is included in the World Championship series of the sport.