“Summer dress” is a phenomenon of recent years. Last year, women around the world wore Zara’s € 50 black and white polka dot dress. The dress even became so popular that it got its own Instagram account.

For a long time this year, it seemed that there would be no new “phenomenon dress” at all in 2020 - after all, I canceled most of the events and summer expenses for outdoor dressing.

However, despite the corona situation, one dress now seems to have risen to the so-called summer dress. The fashion bible Vogue says the $ 490 “strawberry dress” by Lirika Matoshi has surprisingly risen in popularity this summer. The dress is currently the brand's most popular product.

Lirika Matoshi also sells a face mask suitable for the dress.

Tulles and ruffles

This is not just any dress. While the “number one dress” of the coron summer might be expected to be understated and simple, the “strawberry dress” is everything else. The dress is a real pink tulle dream and has a deep v-neckline, ruffles and sequins.

How then did the showy and relatively expensive dress become so popular during an international pandemic?

Nonetheless, fashion trends have not stopped completely by 2020. The dress in particular has appeared on social media such as Instagram, Twitter and TikTok, so social media also seems to have once again shown its strength as a trend setter.

Vogue also believes that the popularity of the dress is due to the fact that people want to buy something beautiful and invigorating in exceptional times.

Although the strawberry dress is a rather original and detailed tulle dream, the same dress style can also be imitated a little more cheaply and simply. In the spirit of the strawberry dress, we put together gentle and girly print dresses for the end of summer.

This is how you create a style

139 €, Cras / Boozt.

Photo: boozt.com

€ 204.40 (€ 292), by Ti Mo / Boozt.

Photo: boozt.com

€ 34.95 (€ 57.95), Glamorous / Nelly.

Photo: nelly.com

€ 69.95, Miss Selfridge / Zalando.

Photo: zalando.fi

€ 119.95 (€ 149.95), Sister Jane / Zalando.

Photo: zalando.fi

€ 375.95 (€ 574.95), We are HAH / Zalando.

Photo: zalando.fi

€ 102.95 (€ 114.95), Sister Jane / Zalando.

Photo: zalando.fi

€ 11.99 (€ 24.99), H&M.

Photo: hm.com