Hello, I'm a great, fragrant fresh green vegelastuilta evening!

Lately I've been wondering why you do not like me.

What's wrong with you? Why don’t you want to splash around on the right side of history? Why do you hate yourself, why do you hate your children?

I don't want to blame!

We Greens are a light that I often blind myself to, and when I can no longer see around me, I realize I see myself more closely, and that is what politics is all about.

This week we held a summer meeting, even though the summer is almost over, which shows how far we are ahead of everyone else.

At the summer meeting, we demanded good things for people like us and proudly used the word “step signs”, which we also hope for more on the streets of Helsinki, because one of us tripped on the Esplanade the other year.

At the summer meeting, we called for subsidies to be removed from the poor living and thus encouraged them to live better if they still want to eat sometime.

We also demand others to work so that we don’t have to do them ourselves, but can focus on thinking about what else others could do for us. The elderly want to kick out of the retirement tube to wash our floors. Labor-based immigrants bring exotic color to the battle of the proletariat and smile with joy as we shout “Bitch! You forgot to lick that corner! ”.


 Oh yeah, poverty! Almost forgotten! Hih!

Cycling is wonderful because when you live in a world the size of your own mind, you don’t need a car, and if you need to, someone else will drive it for you.

Sometimes a person also has to fly in order to cycle, and that is why we Greens do not moralize our own flying as much as the driving of the peasants. We also demand money to support electric bicycles, because it would be nice if someone pedaled on our behalf, and there are too few immigrants in Finland to create a functioning rickshaw network (which is why we demand more work-related immigration).

Oh yeah, poverty! Almost forgotten! Hih!

The bigger problem than a poor empty investment account is the empty head of the poor, but fortunately we know how and with what to fill it.

Our chairman, Maria (Goddess! (Until we throw it out.)) Is a poverty researcher, so the Greens have more information about this than others. In the summer, an MTV presidency exam asked party leaders to whom they would distribute a “corona rain” if they had one. In response, Maria stuck soy flour in her mouth. Maria would give corona rain to “low-income single parents who could even buy books for children”.

Maria, Maria, Maria! Mary's statement beautifully sums up the green ideology:

1. There is imaginary money.

2. Imagination money can be distributed to others other than oneself, even to those who are doing poorly.

3. Imagination money must not be used as it pleases, but in such a way that we Greens have a better mind.

The author is a writer and screenwriter.