Trade unions are not in favor of removing the pension tube.

- In this economic situation, the carpet should not be pulled under the elderly. The employment of the elderly requires significant investments in services. Employment and change security need to be improved. The subjective right to part-time work would help older people to cope longer in working life, said Patrizio Lainà, STTK's chief economist.

The Ministry of Finance today presented its own employment package, which would provide 60,000 decision-based jobs in Finland. Among other things, the VM proposed removing the pension tube and staggering unemployment insurance.

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Workers' organizations are partly accepting and partly knocking out the staggering of unemployment security. Weakening the level of unemployment security does not fit into the figure.

Already today, the maximum duration of earnings-related unemployment insurance is 300-500 days, depending on your work history.

- SAK has proposed shortening the employment condition in order to increase the number of people gaining employment and thereby increase the fairness of unemployment insurance. If the employment condition is shortened, then a higher staggering of the maximum duration could be justified, but the starting point cannot be to weaken unemployment security, SAK director Saana Siekkinen said.

For entrepreneurs and the economy, the proposals of the Ministry of Finance would be well suited.

- We strongly support the abolition of the pension tube, the simplification of the employment condition and the reform of earnings-related unemployment security to support employment, comments Mikael Pentikäinen, CEO of Suomen Yrittäjät.

- If the aim is - as it should be - to increase the employment rate of older people, closing the employment pipeline is a welcome way to do so. The unemployment pipeline does provide higher unemployment support for the elderly, but on the other hand leads to higher unemployment for the elderly, said Mauri Kotamäki, Chief Economist of the Central Chamber of Commerce.

According to the government program, the government of Prime Minister Sanna Marin (sd) should now present 30,000 decision-making jobs in the autumn budget debate.

It is likely that the presentation of the 30,000 job target will be postponed to later fall.

For more than a year, the government has been assisted by seven tripartite working groups to agree on structural reforms to bring more workers into the labor market. The groups are still a long way from the goal of 30,000 decision-based jobs.

The government has also promised, among other things, that it will not undermine unemployment security.