Little has been leaked about the movements of former Spanish King Juan Carlos, 82, since he announced he was going into exile. According to Spanish media, Juan Carlos is currently staying in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates.

Last week, Reuters and the Spanish newspaper ABC reported that Juan Carlos had flown from Vigo to Paris and from there to Abu Dhabi. The ex-monarch has four bodyguards, among others.

Now the Spanish magazine Lecturas claims that the king is staying in his lavish five-star hotel with a female companion. The magazine’s royal expert, Pilar Eyre, writes in her Lecturas column that Juan Carlos is accompanied by a woman who has been a former king’s mistress for 40 years.

- The king is not alone. She is comforted by a woman who has been her friend for 40 years, Lecturas magazine claims.

According to Pilar Eyre, the unnamed woman and Juan Carlos have made joint plans for the future. Eyre insists in his Lecturas magazine column that Juan Carlos show up with his mistress.

- He owes it to the woman and to our citizens, Eyre roars.

According to press reports, Juan Carlos is staying in Abu Dhabi at a 5-star luxury hotel called Emirates Palace.

Photo: Francois Lenoir

The Spanish media has speculated about the woman's identity. Juan Carlos ’travel companion is suspected to be interior designer Marta Gaya, who is known to be in close contact with the former king.

El Mundo has reported that the media and citizens have marveled at Juan Carlos ’repeated trips to Switzerland. According to El Mundo, the ex-monarch swept between Spain and Switzerland because Marta Gaya lived there.

Suspects of corruption related to Juan Carlos and his exile have driven citizens to the streets. Among other things, the Spaniards have called for the abolition of the monarchy.

Photo: Oscar Gonzalez

Spanish Vanity Fair magazine has described Marta Gaya stepping aside in the king’s life when Juan Carlos began a relationship with German Corinna Larsen.

For Larsen and Juan Carlos, it is believed to have started in 2004.

Larsen is at the center of allegations of corruption involving Juan Carlos, as he made heavy accusations against the king in 2018 with a leaked audio tape.

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Corinna Larsen has said the romantic relationship between her and Juan Carlos ended in 2014. In the same year, the king, sailing from one noise to another, announced that he would relinquish the crown and transfer power to his son Felipe.

According to the Spanish Vanity Fair, the distance between Juan Carlos and Marta Gaya then converged even further.

Juan Carlos ’wife, Queen Sofia, has stood by her husband despite the scandals.

Spanish newspapers have estimated that Sofia and Juan Carlos live separate lives.

Photo: Juan Carlos Rojas

However, according to Spanish media, the queen has no intention of following her husband into exile. Sofia is very popular in Spain and insider sources have told El País that the Queen wants to focus on her charity work and her grandchildren in the future.

El País has previously reported that the distance between Sofia and Juan Carlos has been distant for years. The couple has not slept in the same bedroom for years anymore and together they have been seen mainly at representation events.

According to Lecturas magazine, the relationship between Sofia and Juan Carlos cooled back as early as 1976, when Sofia tore her husband out of bed with a strange woman.