One of the nicest times was at a friend’s party where I bongas the half-type. During the evening we varied our gazes, and in the wee hours of the night we went a long way. Water began to seep from the sky. The man came and kissed me so that no one ever kissed. That's where things got out of hand again, says the 22-year-old woman in Ilta-Sanomat's sex poll.

We inquired what kind of one-night stuff has stuck in the minds of readers.

Sometimes the whole one night event would just want to be forgotten, sometimes good sex makes the experience memorable.

- Sex can be carnal, satisfying one's own sexual needs, so for someone, sex may act as a pill for well-being, says sex therapist Maria Linkoaho-Nordling from Sexpo's Interpersonal Therapy Center.

- I believe that adults can decide for themselves how to act, ie to start a one-night stand is to choose. Of course, it is important to take care of your own safety.

What if one night’s thing doesn’t go away in any way?

- If you regret it or your relationship is haunted one night, you should discuss the situation with a friend or sex therapist.

"The man immediately took his foot down ..."

While queuing alone at the kiosk, an unknown man approached me unnecessarily aggressively. Tried to get involved by force. The gentleman sitting alone at the table shouted I Need Help, and came to my boyfriend pretending to be in the situation. We laughed for a moment, hugging the disappointment of an outsider, and our path continued to me. Neither night did we sleep. - Woman, 29

The man was visiting his hometown, we met on the terrace and ended up in bed. In the morning, gentle kisses and a common breakfast, not even exchanging numbers. Over the years, his name has also been forgotten, but the night and morning spent together remain in the mind. After that, the other one-night stuff felt somehow "cold." - Woman, 28

I ended up on a trip with a girl found at festivals. Things led straight to the bed, but I didn’t get permission to touch the girl in any way. My job was just to lie on the bed and let him do what he wanted. - Man, 24

I was leaving the restaurant and saw a good looking man standing there looking at the dance floor. I went to grab him with me, and drove to the card. We had very good sex, and in the morning I took her home. I really don’t even remember the name and the numbers weren’t changed, but that sex was good. - Woman, 44

On a business trip, the hotel was on the edge of the town square. On a summer evening, I left to sit on the terrace of the square with the mind that I would bring a bed companion with me. That's how this companion was found. We were in full swing when a friend was suddenly hit by a terrible carrot. He put on, said thank you and left. - Woman, 56

I was at the bar with only one friend. The guys tried to hit a really beautiful woman. Somewhere in the evening, the woman whispered something in my ear and grabbed my hand. We went to her, the sex was calm and wonderful, we didn’t change many words all the time. There was something magical about it. - Man, 50

The man took his feet from below as soon as he stepped in and took me to the restaurant toilet. She got me to orgasm faster than anyone. Never since have I seen him. At times, it feels like he’s my own imagination because it felt so good. - Woman, 40

One night’s relationship was with a colleague working in another city. From the first meeting it gloomed immediately. He could have been even the so-called. a soul mate. For the rest of the evening, of course, alcohol played a part, but I remember him warmly in a rocking chair. - Woman, 43

There had been interest and allusion between me and the boss before, but at the company’s little Christmas on the ship, things got out of hand, and we spent the night together. She was married, and after a couple of days she withdrew from the affair for fear of losing her small children if the wife found out. - Woman, 45

An Italian man who lived in London had come to see Finnish May Day. We spent May Day in the restaurant and left for his hotel. He was incredibly affectionate, considerate and fierce at the same time. Too bad the encounter was left on one May Day because of the distance. - Woman, 47

I have experienced with one evening a colleague's story. There were company sales days. We had already kissed when we left the party room and set off to walk down the aisles of the spa hotel. There we found an open solarium room where we went to have some quick sex. - Man, 45

The night Lordi won the Eurovision Song Contest. We celebrated in a hotel bar, and ended up in the hotel guest room. A dude's friend was sleeping next door, and we had sex in the same bed. The journey home was on a slower side. - Woman, 38

A woman found at the bar, and since they were both busy, we decided to have sex behind the sheltered bushes of a property near the restaurant. After that, they both went on different roads. It was nice, but not even the numbers were changed. - Man, 38

During the holidays, I met an old acquaintance at the bar. The evening ended with him. I woke up in the morning when he was talking on his phone for probably two hours on the tube. I realized he wanted me to leave, and I also found this a sensible way to announce it. –Man, 24

My friend took a guy on a blind date with a friend. At the end of the evening the same taxi and pants off the hallway. That man really took me and I enjoyed it! Small dreams in between, and then resumed. All kinds of positions had to be tried. - Woman, 47

I had divorced and went on to go with a downright disgusting man (at least in hindsight). I just missed the company and in that drunk the blockages disappeared completely. Repent, ashamed and vomit, even for years. - Woman, 32

A slightly older woman took me from the bar to the hotel and changed her incredibly sexy lingerie there. That night was amazing. In hindsight, I was annoyed when I didn’t stay overnight despite the request and didn’t ask for contact information. - Man, 36

The friend's birthday was celebrated in Kalajoki, several cottages were booked. The guy’s sister started to get hot and we had wild sex on the sand. Meanwhile, her husband slept blissfully in the cottage. - Man, 42

Ilta-Sanomat surveyed people's sex experiences and thoughts with an online survey. A total of 11,390 people responded to the survey. The survey was conducted on 4-8. June 2020.