Sebastian Vettel, 33, last season Ferrari has had a suffering play.

It has been known since May that Vettel will not continue in Ferrari’s bread next season. Even at that time, it was known that in the competitions of the current season, sparks could be seen between Vettel, known for his hot blood, and the Ferrari team, also known for his politics.

Vettel, who grabbed four championships at Red Bull, has failed in his mission at Ferrari, which is to bring him the championship. And now Ferrari drivers Charles Leclerc are in a stronger position in the stable than the German.

The frustration of Vettel, who drives mainly from icebergs, has already led to a crunch between the German and Ferrari management on both sides and in public.

Now there is rumor in the Italian media that Vettel would want to leave Ferrari already in the middle of the current F1 season.

Ferrari's insider GT driver and C More F1 expert Toni Vilander tells Ilta-Sanomat that Vettel's premature departure from Ferrari is not a wind-blown idea.

- The irritated and frustrated Vettel is of no use to Ferrari. He drives outside the points and there is no momentum. The situation is very difficult for both parties right now. And F1 history shows that anything can happen - and it also applies to four-time world champion Vettel, Vilander, who competes in Ferrari breads with GT cars, tells IS.

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In the same breath, Vilander, 40, throws up a very interesting pattern in Finnish. The focus is on Kimi Räikkönen, a 40-year-old veteran driver of Alfa Romeo, part of the Fiat-Chrysler Group, which is very close to Ferrari.

- If Vettel doesn't continue all the way, will Kimi go to Ferrari to drive the rest of the season? For the way it goes now, Räikkönen has known Vilander inches since he was a child.

So you don’t think it’s at all impossible for Kimi to jump off the wheel of a Ferrari F1 once again and drive the GP races with it?

- Can be. That, at least I'm sure that behind the scenes, going through different scenarios. So in case Vettel doesn't run this season.

Toni Vilander, also known as an F1 expert, has been driving Ferrari racing cars for years.

Photo: Kari Mankonen

Räikkönen's Alfa Romeo's pace has been miserable this season and the Finnish star is stuck in tail battles. According to Vilander, Räikkönen's driving motivation is still high and "you can find the feeling".

Räikkönen, who won the World Championship title in 2007, is still Ferrari's latest world driver. He moved from Ferrari to Alfa Romeo after the 2018 season.

Räikkönen has driven Ferrari in two different periods in 2007–2009 and 2014–2018.

- Kimi has always been loyal to Fiat-Chrysler and Ferrari, Vilander mentions his friend.