F1 veteran Kimi Räikkönen's early season at the wheel of Alfa Romeo has not gone in the best possible way: five races, an interruption and Fourth in 11th-17th place. So not a point point.

And by the time of the sixth dawn of the season, the Spanish GP weekend in Barcelona, ​​there is probably no promise of anything sudden for the better.

- We're too slow. Where has it gone wrong? I think in car design. We hoped we would be where we were at the beginning of last season, in a much better position compared to other stables. But we are not now, and something has gone wrong, Räikkönen pondered during the gp weekend.

-We need more downforce, more efficient one, because this is our engine ... That's what it is. If we had the best body in the car, we would be taller, but when we don’t, it needs to be improved. We need more Aero (aerodynamics), more efficient Aero, Räikkönen said.

- The hardest part here is that problems are never easily solved just by that. It takes time. Hopefully we will improve step by step, and get to where we want to be.

Sebastian Vettel is going through difficult times in his career.

Photo: Josep Lago / Magazine / AFP

Former Ferrari driver Räikkönen was also told at a press conference on Thursday about German greatness Sebastian Vettel, who has collected a meager ten World Championship points in his Ferrari from five races of the season. The media wanted to know from Räikkönen how overwhelming it is when a Ferrari driver just doesn’t make it.

- I never noticed it was different than in any other stable. Maybe if you read the newspapers, you feel like it’s (Ferrari) a little harder, but I never followed those stuff myself. The situation is the same as ours: we don't like it (we can't do it), we know it's hard, but it's part of this hustle and bustle, that's what Räikkönen said now.

- I think it is very easy for all media to write in hard words when you are not doing well. But then you make it, and suddenly you’re their best friend again! That’s the way it works in this business.

- I'm sure he (Vettel) is not very happy about this situation, but that's all it is. Well, Ferrari is Ferrari and everyone always follows it, especially in Italy. But I doubt it will affect his work. He’s been involved long enough to know that sometimes this is it.