Samu Haber's biography Forever Yours (Otava, 2020), which will be published in Finnish, German and English on October 14, became the best-selling book on the German Amazon on Monday, even though its publication had not yet been announced in Central Europe.

Haber's manager Mikko Saukkonen describes the situation as exceptional.

- We have not informed the media about the issue in Central Europe at all, but information about the book has spread through some channels. The news spread through fans and follower communities after Samu made an exit on the night between Sunday and Monday. “Word of mouth” proved to be a really effective tool. Social media cannot be underestimated.

In addition to Amazon, Forever Yours rose to the top of the bestseller list in Swiss marketplaces and second to the German online bookstore Thalia.

- Thalia is a big chain in Germany and Austria. In addition to the number one position in the local bookstore chain in Switzerland, the book went third in Austria.

IS reached out to Haber, for whom the pre-sale also came as a surprise, as desired.

- I was driving to the cottage when messages started coming from Switzerland and Austria. The publisher no longer seems to be in any hurry to inform the book when they saw how it started to pull, the man smiles.

Of course, Haber has talked about making the book in advance, and when Korona took the gigs, the biography got some time.

- I expected a lot from the author of the book (Tuomas Nyholm), but he did such a dune that I could not be more proud. One reader of the book stated that its grip is so light. Still, the last changes were made yesterday.

Ozzy Osbourne said at the beginning of her own memoirs that she doesn’t remember anything. How did you remember everything?

- Well, my life has been less confusing than Ozzy's, Haber laughs.

- At first, I made a timeline for Tuomas, where I listed 50 events from my life. Then I listed 5-7 highlights. After that, we started talking quite generally. We started all from childhood. We had some 50 three-hour sessions. Of course, Thomas talked to others, and when new things came to light with them, they returned, Haber describes the working method of the book.

Nyholm’s work was facilitated by the fact that Haber has been a hard-working blogger over the years.

- There are blogs from 15 years old and they have moods felt at that moment. Still, smoke rose between his ears. It’s not common sense to remember that that’s what life was like eight years ago.

The book project took the musician to the origins of his stories - the places where he wrote songs, dreamed, planned his future, that is, his life.

- I remember many sessions when I took under the fillar, earbuds in my ears and went to listen to the songs where they were made. I went to places where I was separated, where I fell in love. I tried to watch my own story curiously. It involves mocha, sähling and its own weaknesses, without hurting anyone else, Haber promises.

The singer admits that at many events she had to think about what or how to tell it.

- Drawing the line was difficult at times. At first, I thought I wasn’t talking anything about my private life. Then I rewinded that this is a bit rude, that if I’ve been with someone for seven years, then I can’t ignore it altogether. Something needs to be put on. Someone may interpret it as not telling everything, while someone wonders why this detail is a delicacy.

Korona took the gigs, but something good about the pandemic has followed: Samu Haber has got to train.

Photo: Kaisa Rautaheimo / HS, / HS

An honest excerpt from the book was ultimately more important to Haber than a beautifully shimmering image of a successful rock star. But while he talks about his own life, he has to be careful not to offend other parties. There are always as many interpretations of stories as there are interpreters.

Haber strives to train every day.

Photo: Kaisa Rautaheimo / HS, / HS

- There are Frendit and parents in the book. My hangouts. Yes, mutsi and faija have sometimes reeled to see what else is coming. That it will still end up in the castle? I experienced somewhere that when I give myself a fuck, I can give it a little elsewhere. There may be some record boss in the book who is no longer coming to my birthday party. I still don’t start praising people who don’t deserve it.

- Mistakes are part of the journey that brings to this day.